Stain-resistant upholstery is more sought after nowadays because it allows you to keep your sofa pretty much stain free. But it can be tricky to shop for. Most stain-resistant fabrics have the stain resistance woven into the actual fiber, not applied afterward. This means that when choosing stain-resistant upholstery, there are certain things you want to look out for.

Any stain-resistant fabric will claim to be stain proof or spill-proof, but no stain-resistant material is completely waterproof and not all stain-resistant fabrics are the same quality of stain repellent. A lot of fabrics may be made with stain resisting features, but they may either wear off quickly or require special care like hand washing.

The easiest way to ensure stain resistant upholstery is easy to clean, shop for stain-resistant fabric that has waterproof and stain resistant fibers.

Upgrading your sofa fabric is probably one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your home.  Choosing an easy clean fabric will ensure that you have minimum trouble removing stains from your upholstery. Most easy clean fabrics can also be washed, and the stain-resistant fabric will stay intact.

Stain Resistant Carpeting

So, why would anyone want stain resistant carpeting? Well, aside from keeping your carpet looking fresh, stain resistant carpets can be a great legal consideration if you ever have children or pets. A lot of stain resistant rugs will say that they withstand stains.

Just remember that stain-resistant does not mean stain-proof. Stain-resistant means stains are easier to remove (with water and soap) without a lot of damage to the carpet. You can for example stain test fabric for stain repellency.

To stain test for stain resistance, you can use any household stain such as mud. Apply a very small amount to the area being tested using a cotton ball. If the stain is removed with some water without leaving a mark on the carpet, then it can be determined that it is stain resistant.

If you are concerned about stain resistance but your budget does not allow for heavy-duty stain-resistant fabrics, there are some ways to keep your upholstery clean (even if it is not actually stain-resistant). However, you should follow these general rules no matter what fabric you have chosen.

If You Can’t Afford Stain Resistant Material:

  1. You can vacuum the floor often and thoroughly clean spills immediately when they happen. Wash furniture covers regularly.
  1. Soak up stains with a cloth or sponge rather than rubbing them in. Blot instead of rub to avoid spreading the stain.
  1. Rinse out the soiled cloth or sponge frequently. Soak stained furniture cover in a tub of warm water with mild detergent.

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