We live in an era where startups are becoming more and more popular. Individuals create companies based on a business model with scalability in mind. That means that companies can start with one or two people and end up with dozens after a short period, depending on the needs and requirements.

Unlike traditional companies, startup companies have certain flexibility when it comes to office space. Regardless if you are looking for office space for rent in Winnipeg or midtown Manhattan, decorating your startup office space is a crucial step before you officially “open” your business.

Startup companies have several spaces that need to be decorated properly to get the most productivity of the people that work for you as well as impress clients and potential clients.

Waiting area

The waiting area or reception is the most important section of your office because that is the place where the clients will wait. That is also the area where potential clients will wait, so the first impression is the most important one. Adding colors is an excellent start. Many types of research have concluded that colors affect people’s mood. That means that choosing the right colors can be crucial to getting a signature on that new contract. You can always incorporate your company’s logo colors into the walls.

Speaking of walls, leaving them empty is not the smart approach. Try to showcase your company, put photos of your team, certificates, or anything else that can help you convince the client to hire you.

No matter how much you want to avoid keeping your clients waiting, there will be some situations where that can’t be avoided. To keep them comfortable, make sure that the furniture is appropriate. Additionally, you can add a coffee and tea machine for their convenience.

Working area

Happy customers are one thing but don’t forget that the team members are the components that keep your company’s engine running. Having that in mind, decorating your office is crucial to keep your employees satisfied.

Everything that we mentioned about the reception area can be applied to the working area. Forget the classic cubicles; their time has passed. Researchers have shown that cubicles not only limit a person’s view, it also limits the team’s productivity. Putting your team members in a shared space ensures that ideas will be shared between them. But putting them in any kind of space doesn’t guarantee results.

Make sure that your team members feel comfortable and their surroundings don’t look like a warehouse. In addition to that, you can equip a relaxing room with all kinds of goodies and toys to help your team members relax when the workloads are low. A cafeteria can be a nice touch, as well. It provides a homelike feeling for everyone because having a kitchen means that the team members will feel like they work from home.

Another area of your startup office that you can decorate is the meeting room. This would be the area of the office where the important decisions and meetings with clients will take place, so make sure that you have all the necessary gadgets. You also need to make it visually appealing and practical.

Additional suggestions

Improving your office space doesn’t always mean getting the big stuff. Small visual improvements can make the environment much more appreciable. The improvements include some office plants, stickers in all kinds of colors and shapes, interesting pens and anything that you can think of that will brighten up your office.


These are not the only improvements that you can make to your office space livelier and your team more productive. The steps that we outlined are only a start, but it is a good start that will make drastic improvements.