Some people believe that online shopping is a way to save time and money, while others consider it to be a pig in a poke. Some consider the purchase of goods via the Internet a normal practice, while others doubt and prefer to see the goods with their own eyes. We have collected some information for you about all the benefits and risks of buying interior items via the Internet, and also asked ordinary online buyers to share their experience in purchasing home furnishings.

Pros of Online Shopping

Having bought a new apartment, one will inevitably face the challenge of furnishing the rooms. Many people are willing to spend less or simply not overpay for the same goods. That is why they start looking for the best deals on furniture from the Homey Design store and check the prices on their favorite brands. Indeed, this approach has a lot of advantages for the clients:

  • Online stores have a large selection of goods and prices are 10–15% lower than offline. If you equip an apartment and buy furniture in an online store, you can save thousands of dollars on it. You just need to check the best furniture deals right now and make an order.
  • Saving time. Online shopping is much faster than moving from one shopping center to another. You will never miss the best furniture sales if you regularly check this info on the Internet.
  • Fewer efforts. You can check the good furniture deals on the site, filtering them according to the necessary parameters. It may take more than one day to review all the products presented in furniture hypermarkets.
  • Shopping at a convenient time. Online stores operate 24/7, no need to wait for an opening or be afraid of closing.
  • Various payment options. Almost all sites that offer furniture and interior items to buyers accept payment in different ways: in cash, by bank card, electronic money, etc.

Almost no offline furniture store can offer such a big assortment of goods. The selection possibilities are endless. In fact, you can furnish the entire apartment, spending only a few hours on the selection of furniture.

How to Save Money by Purchasing Furniture Online?

As a rule, buying in an online store brings many benefits because due to savings on rent and many other things, the seller can set more attractive prices for goods than offline stores and conduct the best sales on furniture. But if desired, the buyer can save even more. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Follow promotions and the best furniture sales;
  • Subscribe to the relevant pages on social networks, get unique promo codes, participate in contests and draws;
  • Do not refuse to receive newsletters by email and SMS: after the first order, many stores send top deals furniture promotional codes, and some sales start a few days earlier for loyal customers;
  • Participate in various bonus programs: many online stores allow earning points for purchases that can be used when paying for goods;
  • Indicate the date of birth in the profile on the site. Some online stores give discounts and gifts to customers on their birthdays.

When buying goods online, it is sometimes difficult to understand how they will complement each other in the interior. Therefore, some online stores have augmented reality services. They will help you imagine how certain items will look in your interior. In particular, you can understand how the furniture from the online store will look in the apartment using applications for smartphones on iOS and Android.

f2-1 How to Find the Best Furniture Deals on the Internet?

Contact a designer to save even more

The best option to save more on your purchase is to hire a designer. He will help you pick up quality furnishing and buy them in the online store at a bargain price. All designers have personal discounts, albeit small ones. If you use the services of a designer, you will save your time and, most likely, you will be satisfied with the result.

Online design studios cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers of furniture. They provide discounts from 5% to 30% in various online stores. On many sites, the cost of the design services is fixed. The price for the author’s design project is set based on the number of rooms. So you can immediately understand how much the finished project will cost. Professional designers follow the furniture sales today, so you will get the best result for your money.

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