There’s nothing better after a tiring day at work than coming home and flopping on the sofa with a hot drink. Sadly, it’s a matter of time before a new settee shows signs of age. There may be scuff marks or tears. Perhaps the kids have played on them and now the cushions are out of shape. Other people may simply decide it’s time for a change: they want to redecorate the living room and buy some new furniture.

The couch is probably the largest piece of furniture in your living room. When it comes to buying a new one, it’s unlikely to be cheap. There are so many types and styles to choose from, it can become a dilemma knowing which is best. This article is going to provide you with some helpful clues to making the best decision.

Search Online

These days almost every furniture shop will have an online presence. This helps people shop around from the comfort of their own homes. They may be searching for the best deals around and wanting to read customer reviews.

The public expects more and more these days, and companies have to rise to the challenge in order to survive. Someone looking for a double chaise sectional couch may be wanting to see it from several different angles. They may wish to customize the sofa, such as by choosing fabric or leather. People also expect to view furniture in different styles or to have access to helpful articles.

Think About Assembly

Some furniture comes in one piece. Other couches need assembling, but the companies do this when it is delivered. If you have to assemble it yourself, it can seem like a bind – particularly if you are not a fan of flatpacks and the likes.

Sometimes people have restricted space through their front door and into the living room. They may only be able to carry a small sofa through the area. If the couch comes unassembled, however, it may mean that a larger item of furniture can be purchased.

Think About Kids and Pets

Kids and pets can certainly put a sofa through its paces. One with a sturdy framework will cope better with children jumping around.

Perhaps a stain-resistant couch would be advisable. Leather sofas are easy to wipe clean and they often come with leather care sets. Wet wipes can do miracles here too! Fabric settees may be more vulnerable when there is a full household. If they are chosen, make sure there is sturdy stitching. Cotton, synthetic microfiber, and linen are quite durable.

Some people wouldn’t enjoy a couch with no armrests. Having said that, it may provide more space if there are several people sitting together, including pets or kids.

Consider Your Age

Retired people may want a higher couch so it’s not such a struggle standing up. They may even choose an electric recliner that can do all the work for them. Some sofas are even designed to become beds when required.

The older a person gets, the more they may be looking for an ergonomic option that provides good neck, shoulder, and back support. Others may be desiring arm and footrests.

Remember the Re-Upholstering Option

Putting a throw over a sofa can transform its appearance within seconds. It can protect it from dirt, and help it match the room colors.

Some sofas can be reupholstered just as people do with chairs. Anyone who has this option with their furniture may be able to enjoy it for longer. If the room color is changed, the furniture color can change with it.

pexels-photo-1571457 How to Find the Ideal Couch for Your Living Room

Think About Size

It’s easy to be so caught up with choosing a sofa that a person forgets how big their room is. The last thing they will want is a delivery man bringing something that’s too wide or deep in the space available.

Check whether floor space will be lost by having the new sofa, or whether it frees up space for a coffee table or magazine rack.

Look at the Room Layout

This is often a key consideration. Will the couch need to have matching chairs? Decide what is the central focus of the room. If it’s the fireplace, should the couch face it? These days, it’s usually the television that takes pride of place, so the furniture may need to point in that direction. Alternatively, the couch may be placed near a second seat for times of socializing and family fun.

A sofa that is placed in front of a window will also be popular with people. They will enjoy looking outside and using natural rather than electric light.

Match the Decor

Some people will have a futon in their front room if they like the modern look. Others may favor a retro or classic style.

Some people will choose Victorian style furniture or the Chesterfield style which was adopted by the 19th century English upper classes.

Choose From a Variety of Shapes

People don’t have to simply choose a rectangular sofa. L-shaped ones may maximize the space you have. They are usually 2m by 3m in size, and placed in the corner. A standard corner sofa would have two sides of identical length. When someone lives in smaller accommodation a two-seater sofa may be the best choice. It may also benefit larger homes where there are only two people in residence. It’s expected that the couch width would be 1.5m.

Modular sofas provide the element of choice. Whilst such things as arms may be provided, they don’t have to be installed for the couch to be fully functional. Just as some beds contain built-in storage, there are couches that can do the same. This is great for maximizing space when it is limited. There are usually compartments that can hold items of modest weight such as magazines, books, or toys.

Generally, couches are chosen to fit in with the room decor, style, and layout. Sometimes they are chosen to stand out as a centerpiece. Do plenty of research to ensure the best deal and choice is selected. Once it’s been purchased and installed, there should be many years of use ahead. It should become part of the precious memories that will be gained over the coming years.