Leaving home for university can be an exciting stage in a young person’s life, but it can also be one of the most challenging.

This is probably the first time students have left the comfort and safety of home to live apart from family and friends and when it comes to life in another country like Portugal, it can be even more unnerving. Even so, there are some easy ways to make a smooth transition if you know how to find the perfect student accommodation and make it feel like home. Here are a few tips!

Seek Student Communal Accommodations

One of the biggest challenges you will face when studying in Portugal is the fact that culturally speaking, everything will be so very different from life at home. Why not seek out an upscale, multicultural accommodation so that you are living in a community where just about everyone is from another country?

Student accommodation in Portugal can be less intimidating if you find residences like those offered by Collegiate. With a huge number of amenities on site such as communal cinemas, exercise rooms, restaurants, and common areas, you’ll soon meet new friends who are experiencing many of the same feelings and trepidations as you are! Don’t forget, there is also location-wide Wi-Fi that will keep you in touch with family and friends back home anytime you choose to connect.

Make Your Room Your Own

photo-1538569167668-086851742d17 How to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation in Portugal (and make it feel like home)

Student advisors and counsellors advise that it is important to bring a touch of home along with you when studying abroad. Keep pictures of family and friends scattered around the room and perhaps bring along a few decorative touches from your room at home.

Anything from your favourite bedding to items of décor which are special to you and will make it feel like home. The sooner you can ‘own’ your living space, the quicker it will feel like home.

Don’t Wait to Get Out and About

Some students are extroverts by nature whilst others tend to be a bit less comfortable in new settings with new people. If you are of the latter, don’t wait to get out and about.

Accommodations like those at Collegiate make it easy for you to begin meeting new friends. Those common areas are great places to start. Also, they offer a monthly Wellness Box that has priceless bits of support and information you should take advantage of.

Remember, you are not alone and whether they choose to admit it or not, most students living abroad for the first time experience the same exact anxieties you are dealing with now.

What so many foreign students say about university life abroad is that it just ‘feels’ more like home when living in student accommodations away from campus, but near enough for easy access. They find that living in what feels more like student condos is more conducive to a smooth transition than life in dorms could ever offer.

Are you looking to find the perfect student accommodation in Portugal and make it feel like home? Furnish your room like you would at home and don’t wait to meet new friends. Social life is what you might miss most, so get that ball rolling and you’ll be at home before you know it.