You need a new roof, and now there’s a big decision to make: who to hire. When you think of dependable business people, you think people who’ve been through hell and come out strong. There’s no better example of this than veterans.
Thanking a veteran comes in more than just words; you want to support their businesses, too. But how do you find a good veteran owned roofing company that you can trust? Here are some ways to search for the best of the best:

Look online

All the research you need is only a keystroke or two away. You can ask friends and neighbors for suggestions on social media sites, such as Facebook pages within your community. Most people love to give recommendations for “veteran owned” businesses. Your neighbors may know who a few reputable options, and you can make choices based on their experience.
You can also look at Roof Troop, a veteran owned business dedicated to spotlighting experts in roofing and other services, for both homes and commercial real estate.

Go to a local Veterans Chapter social meeting

Did you know? Veterans currently make up about 9% of the businesses in America, according to the Small Business Administration. The SBA (Small Business Administration) has customized curriculums, in-person classes, and online courses to give veterans the training they require to succeed.
Many towns have a local chapter of either VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), American Legion, or other retired veterans’ organizations. These chapters have coffee socials and other get-togethers where they catch up, relax and network for business opportunities. This is a wonderful way to meet veterans and to ask after those who might work in the roofing business.

Check with the BBB or Chamber of Commerce

You can ask for a directory of reputable businesses at your local chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau in your area. Many local businesses advertise within these organizations, whether they are veteran-owned or even have veteran committees.

Check with Your Local Government

When you are choosing a roofing company, you want to hire one that is bonded, licensed, and insured. This is purely for your peace of mind, because a bonded company protects you financially. This means that they won’t scam you by accepting money for the work and then not completing it. In addition, if they are insured and get hurt on the job, they cannot turn around and blame you for the incident. You will want to be thorough when researching roofing companies. You must ask for a physical copy of their documentation, and not just take their word for it.

You should go to your city’s building department, either online or in person, to find the list of licensed contractors and what exactly those categories cover; it might just lead you to the perfect roofer for you.

Referrals And References: Ask For Them

Every reputable roofer will provide you with a list of references who you can contact about the quality of work that was done. It’s a good idea to get multiple references, so that you have a full understanding of the services which the roofing company provides. Get an idea of the roofer’s communication-style, whether their work was high-quality and met deadlines and whether or not the homeowners are happy with the results.

Ask Your Local Realtor

Your local realtor has tons of contacts to offer you. Realtors will frequently see homes that need a repair or remodel, and so they’re actively engaging with reputable contractors, to make sure the jobs get done smoothly and within a budget. Many realtors have brokerages which do business with contractors on a regular basis. They’ll also be able to point you towards a veteran owned business, since most of what they do is relationship-based and they make a point of knowing whoever they work with.

Ask Your Local Church/Synagogue/Charitable Organization

Many places of worship or charitable organizations have directories or committees of people who have a pulse on the community. You can easily call the office and ask if they know of any specific veteran owned businesses which specialize in roofing.


Finding a good roofer is easy when you know where to look. Make sure you check their credentials, speak to them and get in touch with their previous customers.
While you are getting your roof installed or repaired, you should also see if you need new roof gutters. If you can find the right person to do the work and help a veteran at the same time, it’s a huge blessing for both you and their business.