If you are planning to paint the walls of your house for the first time, the feeling can be a bit overwhelming. It is because your brain is programmed to make it as beautiful and elegant as possible. However, no one is perfect, and sometimes help from a professional is needed. Expert painters know how hard it is to paint, so they apply various methods to help them paint faster, neater, and smarter without sacrificing the quality of their work.

 Here are some tips that can help you start and get a smooth paint finish on your walls based on the suggestions of pros.

Trim First

If you think that painting is about rolling your rollers up and down, well, think again. Expert painters follow a specific order when painting. They focus on the trim first, then go next to the ceiling, then the walls. For the reason that it is easier to tape on the trims than taping off the walls. If you are doing the trim, you don’t have to be clean. It is okay to be messy. Focus on making the finish smooth. Don’t pay too much attention if the walls get slopped. You’ll cover it anyway.

Clean your Walls

This tip will help you rinse any build up dirt or grease stuck in your walls and ensure that the new layer of paint that you will apply will blend perfectly with the wall. One product that experts recommend you to use is sugar soap. It is an effective cleaner to give your walls a final rinse. Keep in mind that whenever you clean your walls, wait for them to dry before applying any paints.

photo-1595814433015-e6f5ce69614e How to Get a Smooth Paint Finish on Walls

Check for Lap Marks

If you are going to paint your wall, check for lap marks, and avoid them. Lap marks are those lines that buildup from uneven layers of paint. They appear when you apply paint that’s already somehow dry. According to experts, for you to avoid lap marks, you need to maintain a wet edge, so every time you stroke your roller, it overlaps the previous stroke even before the paint starts to get dry. To maintain a wet edge, paint your entire wall in one phase. Begin in from one edge, rolling the roller up and down, moving slightly with each stroke. Do not let your roller become dry. Keep it wet, so it is always half loaded.

Invest in Tools

When we think about painting, the first thing we think about is the materials needed. A question pop-ups in our mind, should I use a brush or a roller? The answer is, you may actually choose brush or roller depending on your needs. Rollers are used for large and flat areas. As per the use of brush, it is for cutting in. It is also vital to invest in these kinds of tools. Always keep in mind that cheap rollers hold less paint and leave you stripey and rigid walls. Invest in a wool blend roller cover as it is sturdy and still can be used for your upcoming projects. For a brush, buy the one that has a thick flat brush. It is excellent for painting large surface areas.

Now that you have learned some tips, it’s time for you to make your wall look incredibly smooth and nice. Don’t forget to apply these tips as it can be very helpful in achieving your project.