Permanent surface restoration seems like a common problem today. Surface restoration includes all your flooring, countertops and shower areas. While there is a plethora of products available on the market such as cleaners, sealers, repair products, etc. none promise lasting results. Contractors also are unaware of delivering home and commercial complexes makeovers that are permanent. In today’s world, where everything happens at the click of the mouse, is hard surface restoration so difficult? Do we have to keep getting it done after every few months?

Reason behind Manufacturing pFOkUS Products

No matter how well you clean your floor, shower, countertops, tubs and pools, there was not a single procedure on the market that give permanent results. Customers have long since wished to get a deep-rooted and thorough cleaning and sealing and then forget about it! But, germs, bacteria, stains, mold, etc, always seem to crop back in. pFOkUS – one of the leading hard surface restoration products manufacturing companies in the US, decided to take a plunge and sort this problem forever. After conducting various researches, analysis and customer surveys, we clearly had in mind what the customers want. Our scientists took this challenge and carefully invented restoration products in the laboratories after years of research. Trials and errors are part of every successful idea and after years of working and reworking on our products, now, we can proudly say that our products deliver permanent hard surface restoration results.

So pFOkUS got into surface restoration in-depth. Our experts decided to tackle each and every area of a home or building such as flooring, countertops, tubs, pools and showers.

Below we have mentioned the problems which customers faced and how our products helped them.

Tile and Grout Surface:

  • Porous Tile:

Natural stone tile such as travertine, slate, granite, etc are porous. They tend to absorb moisture and lead to mold development. Non-natural tile like ceramic or porcelain are non-porous but do get stained easily. Regular cleaners often did not give very satisfactory results.

  • Etching:

Some acidic cleaners also caused etching. Products with acidic pH balance eroded the top layer of your shiny surfaces and caused ething marks.

  • Recurrence of Stains:

To prevent staining again, the surfaces have to be sealed. Moreover, people used water-based sealants to seal their tile after cleaning. These sealants eroded quickly, leaving your surface bare and unprotected.

  • Porous Grout:

Just like natural stone, even grout is porous. Grout is a cement and sand mix added between the tiles to join them. Porous grout tends to absorb moisture and gives birth to mold formation and stains. Regular cleaners did not eliminate the deep-rooted stains from the grout.

  • Cracking Grout:

Moreover, it also cracks or goes missing in some places. The cracked or missing grout does not only look dirty, but also stagnates water and leads to mold formation.

  • Recurrence of Stains:

Furthermore, cleaning the grout once, did not guarantee that the stains will not form again. People used water-based grout sealers, which did not give lasting results.

  • Caulking:

Another major problem people face in showers is the short life-span of caulk. People get shower caulking done to seal their corners. This caulk tends to peel off in some time or crack. It also turns blackish after a few months, further ruining the look.

Imperia Deep Clean – Tile and Grout Penetrating Cleaner – A deep-rooted penetrating cleaner that enters into the pores of natural stone and grout and eliminates all traces of mold and mildew, stains, oil and other grime. This is a deep-action alkaline cleaner. It is not acidic like other cleaners and hence does not cause etching on the surface of your tile and also does not erode the grout. It is available in a concentrated solution, which has to be diluted. You can find a thoroughly sanitized surface after using Imperia Deep Clean.

How does Imperia Deep Clean Solve the Problem?

This cleaner eliminates all kinds of deep-rooted stains and superficial stains. It easily loosens the bonds of the stains and removes them easily, without damaging the surface. This proved to be just the product that the customer needed. It never caused any etching on the tile, but easily cleaned it too. It left the grout intact and sanitized.

Grout Brush

pFOkUS grout brush makes scrubbing the grout lines very easy. The carefully devised brush has strong bristles that easily swivel in whatever direction you want. Regular brushes did not have very strong bristles to remove the hidden stains and germs in the corners.

How does the Grout Brush Solve the Problem?


The brush is non-abrasive and does not cause any damage to the grout lines. With the easy movement of the bristles, you can easily remove the stains from your grout.


Caponi – Pigmented Titanium Epoxy Resin Sealer

Caponi is an epoxy grout sealer available in 40 different colors. It has a durable titanium base which does its work in just a single coat. It is a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy sealer that is made in such a way that it can cover all grout in just one coat. It is suitable for sealing both sanded and unsanded grout and hence is the best grout sealer for natural stone.

How does Caponi Solve the Problem?

Caponi is a titanium based pigmented epoxy sealer. It never popped off the surface and delivered lasting results.


Sentura – a Flexible solvent based 1200 psi Resin Adhesive Caulk Substitute

Sentura can rectify cracking grout problems because of its flexible nature. With its color blending and polishing capacity, it gives your cracked tiles a new look. It is formulated with a 1200psi adhesion that can never pop out of tiles. You can also color match Sentura with Caponi to get the natural color of the stones. It can also be used instead of caulking.

How does Sentura Solve the Problem?

Sentura solves two problems – repairing cracks in grout and tile and also sealing shower corners. It proved to be a fantastic replacement for caulk. Moreover, it delivered seamless results for repairing cracks and chips in tile and grout. To restore the old caulk, people often got recaulking done, which again lasted only a few months. Sentura put an end to this continuous loop of caulking and recaulking shower corners as it gave permanent results. Shower corners once sealed by Sentura did not leak again.

Paint Brush

We also manufacture a paint brush which can be used for applying Caponi and Alco. This brush has specially designed bristles with easily swivel around.  It is a great equipment which makes your task of sealing and removing the extra paint build-up very easy.

How does pFOkUS Paint Brush Solve the Problem?


Our paint brush helped people seal their grout easily using Caponi or Sentura. Other brushes in the market could not seal multiple grout lines in just one stroke as our paint brush.

Celine – Topical Epoxy Resin Sealer

Celine is a clear topical solvent-based resin product, that not just seals natural stone, but also creates a hydrophobic surface while penetrating deep into tile and grout. Celine shuts all the pores of your natural stone and prevents the entry of moisture. It also imparts a slight sheen to the surface, thereby making your tile look like new.

How does Celine Solve the Problem?

Celine delivered permanent results on the tile surface. Moreover, it is not bulky like other sealants people use. It looks natural and also leaves a slight shine, making your surface look very natural.


Alco is the best paint reducer which is used for Caponi and Sentura. Extra build-up is bound to happen after using these products. Both Caponi or Sentura cannot be cleaned with water and

hence professionals rely on Alco which can be used in the ratio of 10:1 for Caponi and Sentura. After using Caponi and Sentura, it can be thinned out using Alco.

How does Alco Solve the Problem?


The extra build-up needs to be removed in order to get a neat-looking sealing job. Alco enhanced your sealing job perfectly.

Glass Surface :


  • Staining:


Glass is used in shower doors and shelves. These are prone to soap scum accumulation, stains and grime formation. Regular cleaners are not very effective in removing these stains.

  • Etching:

Some people use acidic glass cleaners to remove the stains and result in etching marks on the surface.

  • Recurrence of Stains:

No matter how hard you clean the glass surfaces, they get stained again.

  • Shower Door Leakage:

Shower doors start leaking due to inaccurate fitting of sweeps, seals or thresholds. Some of these enclosures also do not fit exactly, leading to leakage.

Benaz/Deep-Action Glass Cleaner

Benaz is a deep-action glass cleaner. It gently softens the hard water stains and clears away all the soap scum, filth, grime and water dots without damaging the surface.

How does Benaz Solve the Problem?

Benaz removes the stains on glass effectively and does not cause etching like regular cleaners do, because it is alkaline in nature.

Valore Sealer/Effective Glass Sealant

Valore is a glass sealant which preserves the glass surfaces such as doors and shelves from etching and hard water dots. Valore seals and cleans the surface all at the same time, thereby preventing further stain formation.

How does Valore Solve the Problem?

Valore forms a water-proof barrier on the glass, and prevents further stain formation. Other sealers wear off easily, but Valore delivers permanent results.

Glass Enclosures

pFOkUS also manufactures various sizes and colors of sweeps, seals, thresholds and drip rails for both framed and frameless glass doors. Our enclosures are made as per standard door measurements and they are easy to fit into your doors. They are also easy to pull off. Once fixed, they will get rid of all leakage problems.

Shower-Glass-Enclosure-Frameless-Framed-Sweeps-and-seals-pFOkUS How to get a Surface Restoration that lasts


  • Regular Cleaning:

No matter how well you clean and seal your surface, superficial dirt and stains are inevitable. These are caused due to dust and dirt in the air. Glass surfaces also get stained from water splashes. But if  your surfaces are sealed, these stains are not deep-rooted.

Imperia Maintenance

Imperia Maintenance cleaner is a weekly maintenance natural stone cleaner which makes your cleaning job easier and with less effort. Once you have removed the stains from your tile and grout, you can use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner which acts as a fresh cleaner leaving the surface sparkling clean and free from grime.

How does Imperia Maintenance Solve the Problem?

This maintenance product makes your weekly cleaning for flooring and countertops very easy and effortless. It also leaves your surfaces sparkling within no time.

Valore Maintenance

Superficial stains are bound to develop on your glass surfaces. With Valore Maintenance cleaner, you can remove these stains and preserve the integrity and beauty of  your glass surfaces.

How does Valore Maintenance Solve the Problem?

 This cleaner makes your weekly home maintenance job very easy and effortless. Your glass surfaces need weekly maintenance and this combination of cleaner and sealer ensures that your surfaces will remain beautiful for long.

Our above-mentioned range of products such as Imperia Deep Clean, Caponi, Sentura and Celine helped in delivering permanent makeovers to your hard surfaces. Our tools such as grout brush, paint brush and Alco, further enhanced your restoration procedures. Our glass shower door products enabled the customers to keep their surfaces looking immaculate. But our products have to be used in a proper sequence.

Results After Using pFOkUS Products

tile-stone-glass-and-grout-restoration-products-Home-improvement-products-pFOkUS How to get a Surface Restoration that lasts

When hard surface restoration was done in the above-mentioned way using pFOkUS products, customers were surprised to find that the procedures delivered long-lasting results. With shower corners sealed with Sentura, mold and mildew were a thing of the past. Moreover, the water-proof layers on grout, tile and glass prevented further stubborn stain formation. Showers and kitchens once restored with our products did not need any cleaning or restorations again.

With this success, we look forward to restoring every single home in the US. We want each and every American to try our products once to see their incredible results. D’Sapone – one of the leading hard surface restoration service provider companies only relies on our products for its restoration activities. pFOkUS today, is a 16-year-old company and we hope to keep moving ahead in the coming years, winning the hearts of all our customers. Our aim is to establish our brand name in the hearts of every American, so that whenever surface restoration comes to their minds, they only think about pFOkUS.