After weeks of establishing a routine from home, the first signs of warm weather are bringing some much needed relief. Now, work calls can be taken on the deck, kids can burn some energy in the grass, and small groups can gather, maintaining their distance, in the safety of the wide open, fresh summer air.

Making your backyard your own personal oasis doesn’t have to mean a huge financial investment. You need a space that’s inviting, that feels good to you, and that serves the purpose you’re seeking. Maybe you love to host, or you’re just looking for a cozy space for yourself and a partner. Whatever your intention, start there and the design will come.

Center of Attention

A great space always has a central unit from which the structure unfolds. This is an investment that can be as costly as you’d like. Gazebos can feel like little islands in your backyard, a space where you can have some distance from the house and from your day-to-day demands. While they’ll require an initial investment, they don’t need much maintenance, and they go a long way in changing a space.

Another way to shape a yard into a backyard oasis is with a garden or a stone fire pit. Far from a major investment, just having a little greenery that pulls the eye can really improve the feeling of your space. Overflowing foliage against a stone-grey patio, or a wooden deck lined with little planters; surrounding yourself and your guests with living energy will really help the space feel different than your time spent indoors.

If you’re not looking to make further investments at this point, you can still enjoy playing around with the design of your yard and finding new center pieces. Consider, for example, the art of the barbecue placement. When you’re cooking for your friends and family, the path from the barbecue to the seating area really impacts the dynamics of the group. Enjoy rearranging your seating, or thinking of things in a different way. Visit wholesale planters to see all the options of containers available in the market regarding shapes, sizes and colors

Climate Control

Perhaps the only necessity for outdoor enjoyment is that everyone’s comfortable, and in the hot summer months or too-cool fall nights, much of that has to do with temperature management. Depending on the climate of your area, a few small investments might go a long way.

A firepit can be a great solution for both temperature management and for your center piece. Fire is a long standing symbol of safety and warmth, and it’s where people go to share moments, stories and laughs. From a simple in-ground containment strategy, to more elaborate fire-table options, this is a purchase that’s absolutely scalable.

An outdoor evaporative air cooler, such as Honeywell’s portable air cooler, is your best option for sticky-hot summer afternoons. Known as ‘swamp coolers’, these hardy outdoor air conditioners take in hot, dry air and transform it into a cool, refreshing breeze. It feels like a waterfall in a desert. Equipped with one of these this summer, you can manage your outdoor temperature by up to 20 degrees.

Don’t Forget The Details

The tiniest touches can transform a space, and incorporating little details that speak to you and your vision is a great way to enhance your outdoor oasis without needing to spend too much. Mason jars are a really nice trend that’s emerging. They can be used to hold flowers, candles, or even small string lights. Though simple, mason jars can really create a rustic feel.

Lastly, it’s unbelievable what light tones and a proper light set up can do to make an area inviting. Modern spaces are complimented nicely by white light, while backyards that strive for a countryside feel do best with a warm yellow. Space out your lighting solutions too, whether it’s string lights around the gazebo top, torches near the table, or pot lights on the patio.

Your backyard can be your oasis from monotonous days at home, and from the general anxiety of what we’ve been experiencing. This shouldn’t come at a such a high cost, and a grand price tag certainly doesn’t do much in the way of diminishing anxiety. With these small and scalable home tips, the hope is you can create a rejuvenated space that feels like your own. Everyone deserves a vacation, even if it’s just a couple feet away.