However bad this winter may get, the one thing you must have to help you make it through is a stable boiler in good working condition. Surely you don’t want the inconvenience of having yours break down during a time when you might need it most? Especially if you have small kids or vulnerable people to take care of, having access to a trusted hot water supply is essential for all kinds of households. So here are some useful proactive tips on getting – and keeping – your own boiler ready for winter:

Prioritise professional installation

If you don’t yet have the best combi boiler installed or are thinking of getting a brand new one in the near future, now is the best time to invest before it’s too late. And should you make that important decision, it’s vital to get the job done right; take no half measures when it comes to your home heating system. LS1 boilers in particular have a reputation for the highest quality and their highly trained experienced professionals should be your number one choice for boiler installation if you live in or around the London area.

Operating since 2005, LS1 offers a simple step-by-step guide to getting a new boiler installed. Whatever type of boiler you’re looking for – from conventional, electrical, system or combi options – they’ll have what you’re after. They will even clean up so you don’t have to and take care of any leftover waste, recycling your old boiler if possible. You won’t find a better company for new boiler installation London!

Regular maintenance

Did you know a well-maintained boiler can last up to 15 years with consistently reliable performance? This is another advantage of going with a reliable company like LS1 for your installation, as they also offer the right support for maintaining their boilers. Their confidence that it will last for years is reflected in a 12-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Good boiler care will usually involve annual check-ups at least and professional safety checks as often as you feel comfortable with. Of course you want a good working boiler, but even more important is ensuring it’s safe for your home, especially if you have little kids running around. LS1 boilers offer different care plans including the ‘Essentials’ and ‘Home Care’ services to suit your specific needs. Ensuring your boiler is fully serviced by professionals before winter kicks in should be among your top priorities.

Know if, and when, to get a replacement

As great as professional check-ups can be, knowing what to look for yourself in boilers that may be nearing the end of their life cycle is also important. Do you see any rust emerging on the outside of your boiler? Has it started making increasingly erratic sounds or loud noises? These are warning signs that, at the very least, a quick professional service is in order. You may be able to extend your boiler’s lifespan further with the right kind of service, but otherwise, it could be time to start planning for a replacement. Though it may be inconvenient, it’s still preferable to know and plan for this type of thing in advance rather than having to deal with an unexpected emergency later, especially during the winter season.

As part of an ECO home scheme supported by the Government, boiler grants are now available. The offered grants can help householders cover the cost of replacing home boilers that are faulty or inefficient.

Get a thermal sleeve fitted

They’re more common during the harsh winters found in other countries, but having a thermal sleeve covering for your boiler can be extremely useful for a couple of reasons. They both protect your boiler from extra unnecessary wear from the outside, and can protect kids from injury if they get too close. In (hopefully rare) extreme cold conditions, it will also help keep your hot water as warm as possible. It’s not entirely necessary and may be dependent on the type of boiler you have in your home, but a protective sleeve is certainly something worth considering. Why not ask the advice of professionals from a good London boiler company like LS1 on what they would recommend for your specific set-up?

Have a professional ready in case of emergencies

Another advantage of going with a good London boiler company like LS1 heating is that they are prepared for emergencies. You should be too. While this effort is all about ensuring they don’t happen, there’s no sure-fire guarantee they won’t. But should the worst happen, you’ll want to be in the best possible hands to fix your problem. LS1 installations come with a guarantee that their professionals stand ready 24/7 for emergency boiler repairs. You can get in touch by phone or even a live chat service found on their website.

For all kinds of boiler installation, repair or any other related advice, you can’t go wrong with the LS1 heating service. With their help, your boiler can be more than ready to tackle the harshest of winters and you may even find yourself becoming more of an expert along the way. Don’t delay, if you need a new boiler installation London, get in touch with LS1 installations today and put your mind at rest.