Are you redesigning your living space? Or perhaps building a new one from the ground up? All the more reason for you to be aware of the wall art styles that are currently IN! Read along to find out one of the most trending wall art styles.

What Is Wall Art?

In layman terms, Wall art means, exactly as you say, the art that goes up on your wall. It includes a range of art starting from art pieces that affix on your wall as semi-permanent decor to paintings that you hang on your wall. It includes everything that adds to your decor by being on your wall.

Often given the back seat while decorating the living space, wall art actually plays a major role in how your living space is perceived. It is the best way to reflect your personality and leave a great first impression on visitors.

A piece of decor on your wall will add more depth and character to your interiors.

It, additionally, gives you more room to play with textures and designs. Your wall art also manages to help you focus on a particular portion of the room. Let’s say you buy a very expressive vintage piece of furniture that you want to highlight in the room. Having a simple yet elegant wall art that matches the colour palette of the furniture will help focus the viewers’ attention towards that part of the room. Hence, choosing the right wall art is very important.

Choosing The Right Style.

The wall art that you choose sets the tone for the room. It’s only natural for you to want a different feel and design for every room; however, it is advised to have an underlying style which blankets your entire home.

You can choose your wall art based on colour. That is one of the most common ways people select wall art. It not only unifies your wall art with your furniture but also plays well with the colour palette of your room.

Do you have a particular theme in mind for your home? Wall art that follows through with this theme throughout your home would help a great deal. A theme can be anything from beachy to mountains. You can set the theme of your home to be all the places you’ve visited as well.

Another most important aspect of selecting wall art is choosing between contemporary and vintage.


Trending Wall Art Style- Farmhouse Wall Art.

Trends come and go, but you are free to stick to some if you think they match your style and vibe well. A recent trend that people have been following is farmhouse wall art as their unifying theme around living spaces.

The farmhouse wall art style is rustic yet warm & comfortable. It has a touch of elegance while bringing in cosy vibes, giving you the perfect combination of sleek, clean lines of contemporary art and traditional aesthetics.

Farmhouse wall art is known for its simple designs, characterized by multiple textures and materials like wood or metal, which give you a lot of room to play with in terms of home decor.

Of course, trends and Pinterest boards shouldn’t dictate your style, but it is always good to be inspired when making a house your home.