With more of us than ever working from home – and therefore for first time in centuries spending most of our time at home, it’s understandable if you’re bored of staring at the same plain walls. If you love the idea of colour, and giving your space a makeover, but don’t want to commit to neon walls just yet, we’ve got some simple (and cheap) ways you can inject colour into your home.

Paint one wall

You can easily add a pop od colour by creating an accent wall in your living room. Adding a block of colour is great if you have an open plan living space and are looking at ways of creating clear divides without using furniture.

Blues and greens work well as statement walls as they’re still eye-catching without being overwhelming.

Add in accessories

Accessories are your best friend when it comes to colour injection. And because they’re small they can be seasonal. In spring and summer months, add cushions and throws in brighter colours, and even floral patterns. These colours can be tied in with fresh flowers for a truly Instagramable look!

Come winter months, switch out the bold colours and prints for more muted and moody tones. Think festive reds and greens, or metallic accents that add warmth. And replace flowers with candles and oil burners. Winter scents like cinnamon and oud create a cosy and homely atmosphere, while wool or velvet throws add an opulent touch.

Bring the outside in

Mother nature provides the best inspiration when it comes to colour clashes, so why not utilise them? Choose greenery that can thrive in indoor low-light conditions, and if you’re less green-figured, opt for low maintenance plants that can survive pretty much anything.

If you’re working from home there are plants that can help destress, and for the bedroom, choose plants that are renowned for their air purifying qualities.

Freshen up upholstery

It’s easier than you think to reupholster a chair cushion and just one simple change can have a dramatic change on the whole room. Consider starting small with a side chair that could use an update. Pick a colour that pops – whether you go for a clashing colour or a statement pattern the choice is yours.

Start by removing the cushion, stripping off the old fabric, and reupholster with a colourful textile remnant using a staple gun.

Use artwork

Get creative with spray paint and blank canvases and create your own bespoke artwork. Choose colours that clash in bright colours for a modern way to inject colour. The more abstract the better.

Want to go even further? Use the same colour that’s on the walls and flick that colour over the top to tie the scheme in.

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