You have thought about installing a home security camera system for a while now, but you haven’t yet gone through the hassle and expense.

Perhaps you are unsure whether or not you need it, or maybe you think that setting up a system is beyond your technological skills.

To address your first concern, study after study has shown that home security cameras deter crime. We’re not saying that if you don’t have a security system in place, your property will be robbed or damaged. What we are saying is that you will have a reduced chance of being the victim of property crime if you have cameras in your home.

To address your second concern, many of today’s security camera systems are plug and play. They are easy to set up and easy to manage through an app on your phone.

Here are some other things to consider as you begin the process of installing security cameras in and around your home.

  1. Aim a camera at your front door.

Not only will you be able to see those who enter (or try to enter) your home by the front door, but you will also see if front-porch bandits take any of your packages. It’s also not a bad idea to see if your teenager is sneaking out at night (or sneaking another person in the house.)

  1. Aim a camera at your back door.

Even though statistically burglars typically enter through a home’s front door, there’s a chance that he would come through the back as well. Make sure the area around your back door is well-lit, perhaps with a light that runs off a motion sensor.

  1. Aim a camera at your garage door.

Do you often leave your garage door open while working in the yard? This may leave the items in your garage vulnerable to theft. Burglars may even look at an open garage door as an invitation to go into your home. Place a camera at your garage door so that you can see any comings and goings.

  1. Keep your camera out of reach.

Of course, a security camera does you no good if the cameras are easily accessed. A burglar could simply take or disable the camera before entering your home. For this reason, it is best to install the cameras 8-10 feet off the ground.

  1. Be aware of glares when installing your cameras.

Think about where the sun will be shining at all times of the day when you install your camera. Also, think about how a street light may affect your visibility.

  1. Think about whether you want the cameras hidden or out in the open.

As you choose a security system, think about whether you want the cameras hidden from view or not. When a person sees a camera, it may deter the person from committing a crime. At the same time, if a person knows that he is on camera, he may just work harder to hide his identity. Or a burglar may try to damage the camera, so it is rendered useless.

There are many more things to consider if you plan to install a home security camera. Talk with law enforcement officers in your area to get more ideas on how to keep you and your property safe.