Commercial spaces confined for offices have a very particular ceiling design that is modular grid ceiling. Modern offices though have a very detail oriented well-furnished interior according to business types. There are certain implications of the type of fixture used for lighting setup in offices because these are the task oriented, fast-paced environments which require adequate illumination to carry out day-to-day tasks without any disruptions.

LED panels are sleek and modern day lighting innovation for office spaces. They have a very slim design profile i.e., they are barely 10 mm-30 mm thick and available in a range of sizes. Their structural features allow them to be installed in any way in any ceiling design.

Installing LED Panels in Offices

Offices have work desks which require overhead lights to maintain focus of employees and to improve the productivity. Most of them have desktop setups while working. It is important that the light do not reflect off of the desktop’s screen as it causes eye strain which leads to headaches.

Consider the layout

Prior to the installation it is important to note the layout of the office, the design implications as it is directly associated with the productivity and comfort of employees.

LED panel lights are available in different sizes and different mounting options like surface or suspend mount panels, most common of which are:

  • 1 × 1.
  • 1 × 4
  • 2 × 2
  • 2 × 4

These panels are best fit for office environments and particular ceiling design. Few important things to consider while installing the panels are

  • design of a particular area in offices such as waiting rooms, meeting rooms, cubicles, etc.
  • Usage of area

This helps determine the total lumens required to illuminate a specific area, once that is determined it helps decide the number of fixtures required in that specific area.

Advantages of LED panels lights

LED panel lights have several advantages and help improve the entire layout of the office.

They have directional way of lighting

Led panels do not waste any light. They have adjustable beam angle and do not disperse the light in the surroundings. This is helpful as it provides glare-free light which does not obstruct the working environment.

They are low maintenance

LEDs are low maintenance they do not require frequent replacement and live up to their warranty period without malfunctioning.

Lesser number of fixtures required

LEDs have better lumen output, they are super bright than their counterparts and available in a variety of sizes. This cuts down on the number of fixtures required to cover the entire area.

Help Save Utility Bills

They work round the clock and despite the usage they consume less power and produce more light. In the long run, it cuts down on energy costs and is a cost-effective investment for business owners.

Adjustable lighting controls

LED panel lights have smart lighting controls which makes them the best fit for office environments which are:

  • Dimming options

These lights are dimmable so while presenting in meeting rooms these lights can be dimmed by a remote control.

  • Correlated colour temperature

LEDs have a range of colour temperatures which can be selected on Kelvin scale i.e., warm yellow (2500K) to cool white (6000K). This helps set the ambience for any room in the office.

  • High CRI

Traditional fluorescent fixtures have 80 CRI which imparts cool blue light in the surroundings which is the reason for headaches because of poor quality light whereas, LED panels despite being super bright have adjustable and high CRI rating which help impart better colour quality and render original colours of objects in the surroundings.


LED light panels are the smartest innovation in the lighting industry to date for all the right reasons. They allow swift controls which make them the only contender with unmatched efficiency and design options available for office spaces and improve the overall ambience by a great value.