Technology has been a significant part of our lives for decades, so much so that there are plenty of things we use daily that we don’t even consider technologically advanced – but they are. From self-moving blinds to temperature-sensitive thermostats, we enjoy the benefits technology brings. The only problem is these stables in our home often don’t look stylish, until now.

Smart Speakers

Bluetooth and smart speakers have a reputation for looking blocky and too modern, but established brands like Bang & Olufsen audio have taken the time to craft sleek-looking sound equipment. Smart speakers are genuinely another breed of technology because they act as a personal assistant for your home while providing superior sound quality. Think Alexa instead of Sony.

Speakers can form the base of your home’s atomization, and they’re available in all shapes and sizes and are compatible with most modern smart televisions. You can connect your phone to control multiple smart speakers at once and form an integrated ecosystem that blasts incredible tunes throughout your house while looking great at the same time.

Automated Plumbing

While automated plumbing isn’t a DIY installation, it can make your home look incredibly stylish and new age. Your plumbing is already in your walls, so you weren’t likely to sacrifice style in the first place, but what you gain is a lower water bill, convenience, and a cool way to impress your friends. Automated plumbing, like the other tech on this list, is usable through an app.

With a swipe of your smartphone or voice, you can run yourself a bath or start the washing machine. Some homes are even geared up to flush by voice command. Having an automatic shut-off valve can also come in handy in countries that experience freezing temperatures.

Designer Television Set

Almost 200 million households have at least one television in their house, so it’s easy to say that it’s become a staple in every living room across the United States. While it was difficult in the past to make tube televisions more stylish thanks to their large size, a flat-screen TV can fit right in with any living room, bedroom, or basement with a few tweaks.

A classic way to make your television less noticeable is by putting a decorative picture frame that fits around the monitor. Then, you can put your television in Ambient mode featuring patterns and shapes that light up your room. You could also purchase The Serif by Samsung, which actually looks like a decorative piece of furniture.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

The average adult spends an hour cooking and preparing meals each day, so adding technology that makes prepping food easier can definitely come in handy. Consider high-tech appliances, like a smart tap or fridge that can give you ice or water on demand. These appliances don’t just look modern and sleep, but they’re designed to make cooking a breeze.

Smart fridges can connect to your smartphone so you can send pictures or grocery lists to your fridge, so it knows precisely what you need at the grocery store. Smart appliances are also energy efficient and take up less space which decreases your eco-footprint.

New Security System Technology

Security technology used to be large, expensive, and very noticeable to intruders. Security cameras, in general, were about the size and length of an arm and needed a lot of clearance to swerve around. Now, security cameras are the size of your hand, come in multiple colors, and have a feed accessible through our phones with an app.

Internal security systems are designed to be discrete and can fit seamlessly in a doorbell or wall and can sometimes be noticeable even to the homeowner. Cameras are also more powerful than ever and don’t require multiple cameras of similar size to monitor the whole home.

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