Your home is your sanctuary. When you are at home, it should be your escape from life’s demands, a retreat from the chaos of the daily grind. However, when unwanted guests are scurrying around your house, you may be stepping into a new kind of chaos.

Don’t put your impressive interior design at risk. There are several ways you can keep bugs out of your home before they ever invade. Let’s make sure your house is your home and not home to annoying pests.

Prevention is Key

While everyone knows there are many ways to kill bugs and other pests once they get into your home, it is much better to keep them out before they get in. Traps and poisons can be useful, but they can also be dangerous. If you have little ones or animals underfoot, it’s better to keep these things out of your home.

Furthermore, having to pay a professional can get expensive, depending on how many pests are now calling themselves your roommates. Preventing an infestation now can save you a headache and a potentially hefty withdrawal from your bank account down the road.

Finding ways to get rid of spiders and other pests inside is possible. Preferably, they never get inside to start with, though!  If they do get inside, call a professional.

In the meantime, here are some easy, simple things you can do at your home to keep these pests out.

Screens Everywhere

Screens are a simple and extremely effective way to keep a variety of bugs and other critters out of your home. Take a weekend to install screens on all of your doors and windows.

If a screen is already there, ensure that it is installed correctly and in good shape. Any rips or damage will allow pests to get in. Trust us; they will find that one small hole you thought was too small to patch.

Seal Everything

You will also want to be sure your doors and windows are sealed correctly. If you see any light coming in from around the door or you feel air blowing in, chances are bugs can get in, too.

A quick visit to your local hardware store will provide all you need in the way of door seals and caulk to fill in any holes or openings around your doors and windows. Plus, you will likely save money on your next utility bill – bonus!

Next, you should walk around your house on the outside. Take special care to look carefully for cracks or damage. It might be a pesky crack to you, but it’s a welcome mat to insects. Seal every crack you find with caulk that is suitable for an exterior job.

Make sure you don’t skip the areas around your dryer vent, gas lines, cable lines, and other places where these types of things enter your home. Seal these places from the inside of your home.

Keep Everything Spit Spot

Bugs and critters are hypersensitive to odors. Even if you don’t smell anything and you think your garbage can or recycling bin is clean, they could be attracting bugs. Add cleaning and spraying out your garbage can and recycling bin to your weekly chores.

Before you take out your trash or recycling, make sure you have tied the bags tight. If the bags have openings, it allows more odor to escape, and more smell will attract more pests.

As for the rest of your home, keeping things tidy will go a long way in keeping bugs away. Focus on keeping food and drink containers rinsed out and put away in the kitchen. Anything left out will be a homing beacon for pests.

If bugs become a problem, you should regularly:

  • Wipe down the counter and table after each meal.
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor.
  • Don’t leave dishes on the counter or in the sink.
  • Run your garbage disposal frequently.
  • Put away food and food packaging.
  • Keep food in airtight containers.

Along with keeping the kitchen tidy, the rest of the inside of your home needs attention, too. Pests love clutter. Keeping piles to a minimum will go a long way in keeping bugs from making themselves at home. Don’t let boxes, paper, or other items accumulate.

Get Outside

While bugs are supposed to be outside, there is a limit on the quantity and type that you want in your yard. Certain things many people like in their yard can attract insects. Mulch and bushes or trees right next to your home can bring bugs to your house. It is essential that you don’t let yard debris build up next to your home’s foundation.

In addition to keeping the area immediately next to your house clear, take care to mow regularly. Also, keep up with the plants in the yard, keeping your trees and bushes trimmed, as well.

Keep Things Dry

Damp areas are a breeding ground for pests. If you have leaks inside your home or have areas where water pools outside your house, you can be sure bugs will find it. Many bugs lay eggs in water, and all pests need water to survive.

Immediately attend to all water in places it shouldn’t be. If there is a leak that won’t stop, call a plumber. If water settles in your yard in an area, find a way for it to drain. Getting rid of damp or wet areas will help keep bugs away.

Inspection is also Key

If you haven’t seen any pests in your home, consider yourself lucky, but don’t count on that always being the case. Even if you have not seen any, giving your home a thorough inspection can help you keep pests out of your house.

There are specific things to look for, many of which have been mentioned here. However, calling a professional will ensure a thorough inspection. Qualified professionals will come out for an investigation and usually give you a free quote on pest removal.

Preventing pests from getting in your home is much easier, and often cheaper, than getting them out once they’re inside. If they find a way past your defenses, don’t despair, help is near.