Our homes are our havens. It is where our loved ones are, and the best place to unwind after a long day at work. So, it only makes sense to want it to look at its best at all times. However, with all the activities that happen in a home and the busy schedules, it can be challenging to maintain a clean looking interior at all times.

If you are struggling to keep your interior neat, or are looking for inspiration on how to maintain a clean home, then this article is for you. We will highlight some top tips on how to keep the interiors of your home picture perfect.

Keep your hard floors in the best condition

If you have hardwood floors, then it is in your best interest to maintain it at all cost. Wooden floors are beautiful and can last for decades if you keep them in the best condition. Routine cleaning is a great way to protect and maintain the floor’s appearance. Specific cleaning protocols have to be observed to avoid damage to the surface of the floor. Other than routine cleaning, damage can be reduced by following a few prevention and maintenance measures. This includes dusting every day with Swiffer or microfiber mop, vacuuming each week with a soft-bristled brush, and damp-mopping once every month with job-specific cleaner. Maintenance involves adhering to the cleaning routine, polishing the floor four to five times annually and using window covers to protect the floors from UV rays and heat.

Pay closer attention to the bathroom

If you are keen on getting that “new” freshness, you want to ensure that the sink basin, floors, and mirrors are sparkling at all times. To clean your sink basin, lay paper towels throughout the sink and soak them with bleach for half an hour – then dispose the towels and rinse the basin with running water. If your sink is porcelain coloured, you should use baking soda or vinegar instead of bleach. For the bathroom tiles, you want to pour hot water on them first, before scrubbing. Use a mixture of lemon juice and salt to rub any limescale from your sleek bathroom finishes.

Keep your furniture clean

Furniture is among the first things that one notices when they go into a room. If your chairs are dirty or stained, they will have an impact on the general feel of your living room. So, it’s best to keep them clean at all times. Investing in a quality stain-resistant finish spray can also go a long way in helping you maintain your cream, white or pastel chairs and sofas. And don’t forget to vacuum the furniture at least once every week.

Keep your shelf tidy

Shelfie is a buzzword today, and one of the top interior trends. Having one in your home allows you to make your shelves and desks clutter-free. A Tidy and clean working space not only makes your space picture-perfect, but it also enhances your productivity. So, once in a while, you should take everything off the shelves and clean the surfaces to get rid of any dirt, and dust build-up. Arrange everything back in order and be sure to put stuff that you frequently use closer for easier access.


Taking time to organize and declutter your house will drastically minimize the amount of time required to clean. Creating a spot for everything (that’s easy to access or put away) makes it easier to tidy up. Besides, fewer items on the surface and countertops minimize the dust and make cleaning a lot faster.

Work with a professional

With the busy lifestyles, it can be challenging to juggle between work, family, and keeping your home picture perfect. But the good news is that you can still maintain a clean home without breaking your back – by working with a professional maid service. These experts will not only take care of the hard work for you, but they will also ensure your home is sparkling. Imagine enjoying a picture-perfect room without having to lift a finger. And the best part is that these cleaning experts come fully equipped with tools and products, ready to handle all the cleaning tasks.