With every passing year, the extremities of the weather keeps increasing, and we always need to adapt accordingly. It is becoming harder and harder to deal with the winter and the excruciating cold it brings with it. So much so, that sometimes, just opting to stay indoors is not enough to eliminate the problem.

This is why we’ve gathered a bunch of tips to help you keep your home nice and toasty so that you have something to look forward to as soon as you step into the comfort of your home.


When thinking about the best and most effective ways of keeping your warm home throughout a long winter, then the first thought goes out to insulation. This is because insulation is really within the structure of a house, and if done correctly, you’re already halfway through the ordeal of having a home with a balanced temperature in any given season. By insulating your home, you get to retain the heat within your home and reduce the cost of having to use any kind of extra methods and take up energy unnecessarily. This is something that you must keep in mind before even getting your home, and it’s something you should discuss in detail so that you understand how you can do this in the most effective way.

Have a fireplace

Whether it’s the old-school version of a fireplace using burning wood, or it’s the more modern electric fireplace version, you need to have one or the other in your home if you’re in for a long winter. It can get pretty confusing because sometimes, it’s hard to tell which is more suitable for your home. This is why it’s important to do some research when in doubt. The reviews at Fire Place Lab are quite informative for people that don’t know much about fireplaces, and will really help in narrowing down to what you want, or need to get. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are a number of options – there are even wall-mounted options that look as if they’re framed pictures. You also have outdoor options if you have a garage or patio you’d like to utilize in the beginnings of winter, for example. There are large bonfire options as well as patio burners to set the mood and provide warmth. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you know how to use it so that there are no accidents or mistakes.

photo-1538944638199-8959fbda4646 How to Keep Your Home Warm During the Long Winter

Use a humidifier

And you probably thought these were only used for babies! Humidifiers are great, easy, and cheap tools that can offer warmth in a cold home. This is considered to be a smarter option than working with a thermostat because you will be saving a lot of money and energy by doing so. This is because a humidifier is able to create enough humidity in a room to warm it up. Make sure that you get a couple to place in different rooms because while they are effective, one will certainly not be enough to humidify the whole household or apartment.

Don’t block the heat

There are plenty of ways that we need to take note of when it comes to making sure that the heat is being distributed to its maximum effect in our homes. One such thing is placing a radiator panel on all of the radiators in your home so that it isn’t the wall eating up all the heat coming out of it, and so that it spreads throughout the room as it should. The next step that needs to be taken care of is furniture placement. You don’t want your sofa or your huge couch eating up all the heat while you’re sitting across the room! This is why, when winter comes around, you should consider moving the furniture in such a way that it is not absorbing all the heat from the heat source, and allowing it to spread as much as possible.

Keep the cold out

The best way to keep a warmer home is to ensure that none of the cold is coming in! To do that, you need to first have a good look around your house to see where the draft could be coming in from – where the little bits of cold air might be finding a way into the home. Be sure to seal all of these properly. You’re bound to find a couple in your windows and doors, and the best solution is to consult the professionals  to have a look at this for you. If you have a chimney, don’t forget to have that taken care of too.

Don’t allow your pipes to freeze

In the event of extreme cold or very long winters, then you are certainly at risk of having your pipes freeze. This is a big contributor to allowing the cold into your home. The best way to take care of this is to just have a bit of water running every now and then, just a trickle- so that the pipes do not have an opportunity to freeze. Be aware of where all your piping is, just as in the basement or under the sink, and be sure to have the area exposed to the warm as well so that the pipes don’t freeze.

We all know about the different kinds and layers of clothes that we need to put on when leaving the house to go into the freezing cold, but keeping your home warm when you get back in is extremely important. And the best way to ensure that your home stays warm efficiently and effectively, is to pay attention to the tips provided here, because each will go a long way in helping you stay, cost and energy efficient, while keeping your home nice and warm throughout the long winters. Always do maintenance on your home at the beginning of every season, and this is especially crucial during the winter season so that the warmth is kept in rather than the cold. And while you can check in and take care of a couple of these factors, it’s always advisable that you consult professional opinions as well before you take any action, just so that it’s done correctly.