Whether it’s summer or you’re living in a warm environment, you must do everything to keep your home warm and cozy all the time. Your home should be a place wherein you can be truly comfortable and temporarily disconnect yourself from whatever is happening in the outside world. However, if you continue to bring the heat inside, you might not be able to enjoy it at all.

As you stay inside your home, you should constantly look for ways to make everyone comfortable. With that, listed below are the tips on how you can keep your interiors cool and cozy, and, at the same time:  


  • Install An Air Conditioner 

Your ultimate weapon for making your home cool is by installing an air conditioner inside your home. This way, you can conveniently surround the entire room with a cool breeze of air, allowing everyone to be comfortable during the hottest of the days.  

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Air Conditioner On Wall In Living Room At Home

Ideally, you should look for a heavy-duty aircon that’ll guarantee to last in your home for years to come. You can look for brands online, like Daikin Air Conditioning. Additionally, you should look for a system that can accommodate the size of the room. Not all ACs are the same, and you should learn about their specific size coverage and your room area. 


  • Install Blinds 

Your window is another gateway of the heat to get inside your home. Even if you seal your windows shut during the day, the heat could still pass through the glass, warming up the entire room. To prevent that, you should install blinds to act as a physical shield from the heat outside.  

When blinds shopping, look for materials that offer insulation that can properly block out the sun from one side of the panel. This way, it can effectively eliminate the possibility of the heat going through the blinds, making them just block out the light and the heat both at the same time.  


  • Switch To LED Lights 

Incandescent lights are the cheapest option if you’re going for bulbs. While they allow you to save money at first, they can actually cost you more as they consume high amounts of electricity while they help you warm up your place.  

To allow the place to be cooler, you should consider switching to LED lights as they don’t generate heat at all. While they might be more expensive compared to incandescent lights, they consume 80% less than your regular lights, along with not interfering with the temperature. Having said that, they’re an investment worth every penny.

  • Plant Shade Trees 

If your lot allows it, it would be beneficial to plant shade trees that can cover your house during the day and provide enough shade, keeping your home away from the intense heat.  

Ideally, you should plant your shade trees in a direction where the sun hits the most during the day, preferably from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, you need to be very careful and try not to put the trees extremely near your house as these can cause damage to your walls, roof, and windows. You should place them not too far nor near your home, providing enough shade.  


  • Open Your Windows At Night 

While it may be scorching during the day, you can expect to have colder evenings. With that, it’ll be helpful if you could open the windows at night and invite the cold air inside your home.  

If you’re not using an AC while you sleep, it would be beneficial if you could open your windows at night to brush your skin with a cool air breeze. This will help keep the room cool during the day as you’re not trapping the temperature inside.

  • Consider Repainting The Walls 

If your home’s interior is in a darker shade, you might want to consider repainting your walls into a lighter color. Dark colors tend to absorb more heat, allowing the entire place to warm up during the day. While they might go well with your interiors, they won’t be ideal if you don’t plan to use the AC every day and live in a tropical area.  

To keep your interiors cool, you should consider repainting your walls using lighter shades, ideally in white or beige. Not only will it help make the room cool, but it can also brighten up the entire space, making the room much wider and more spacious.  


  • Add Indoor Plants 

To allow for a cool yet cozy environment inside the home, you should consider adding indoor plants as well. Plants like ferns, aloe vera, and areca palm trees help keep the room cool as they absorb toxins in the air, contributing to heating your room. 

Moreover, you should strategically place your indoor plants and allow them to get the sunlight they need during the day. You should also identify which kinds of plants are dangerous if you have kids or pets around.  


Having a warm environment may not be ideal for everyone. While you can’t control what’s outside of your home, control the inside. While they might be an added expense at first, if they allow you to be comfortable, cool, and cozy, it’ll all be worth it.  

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