When you’re moving into a rented home, the reality is that it’s not yours to do what you want with it. It’s important that you follow the rules set out by your landlord and don’t do anything that might make him or her unhappy. If you don’t want to be kicked out of your home for bad behaviour, it’s all the more important that you stay on your landlord’s good side!

Here’s what to do to keep your landlord happy during your occupancy in their home:

  1. Pay your rent (and pay it on time)

There’s nothing worse than a financially untrustworthy tenant. When you sign the forms for your tenancy agreement, you’re effectively making a promise to pay the agreed-upon rent instalments at the agreed-upon times. It’s not always easy to predict when we might fall into financial difficulty, but make sure you’re prepared just in case with an emergency fund in your savings that you can use to get by while you find your feet again.

  1. Keep the noise down

Second-worse to a financially untrustworthy tenant is a noisy tenant. Not only is it a simple way to make enemies with your neighbours, your landlord won’t be too happy either if they’re having to deal with continuous noise complaints. Stay respectful, especially in the hours of darkness, and especially if you’re living in an apartment or unit complex. Keep your parties to a minimum and play loud music through your headphones rather than your speakers.

  1. Maintain your indoor and outdoor areas

There’s no excuse for a poorly maintained home, no matter how busy you may be. It only takes an hour or so out of your day to mow your lawn, de-weed your garden, dust your ceilings, scrub your toilet and vacuum your floors. Keeping your home clean on a daily basis will make it easier once you’re set to move out of the property, and your landlord will be happier for it. Look for simple quick cleaning plans if you don’t know what to focus on day-by-day.

  1. Politeness is key

In any communications you have with your landlord, make sure to keep things polite and friendly when you can. If your landlord makes a scheduled visit to your home and picks up on an issue, try not to jump on the defensive. Remember that your property is their business, and it’s important that you look after it for their sake as well as yours.

  1. Clean up well

When it comes to moving out of your rental home, you’re aiming for it to look exactly as it did when you moved in. Of course, some wear-and-tear is unavoidable, but if it can be fixed, fix it, and if it can be cleaned, clean it. Dedicate at least a full day to cleaning your property prior to moving out, and you’ll be far more likely to receive your bond back in full. Consider professional bond cleaning if you’re admittedly incapable of doing a good job of tidying up yourself.