A brighter space always allows a brighter atmosphere – that’s why it would be a good idea to aim for a well-lit room. Many home owners struggle with dark rooms, which have a major contribution in creating a gloomy environment.

Feel relieved, as striking down the walls and putting windows in order to let the light in is not the only option you have if you want to make you room look brighter.

With applying some decorating ideas for a dark room, you can create a more lively and luminous appearance.

A Scheme of Bright Colors

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room1 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Tom Stringer Design Partners

Cool colors like light blue, yellow or green are ideal, as they are passive and aside from brightening the room, they make it look a little bigger, too. Bright neutrals colors could also do the trick as they are receding and very calming.

The active range of colors, consisting of reds, oranges does just the opposite, so think twice about using them for a dark and small space. Dark neutrals like brown and black have the same effect, as they visually minimize the space.

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room2 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Sunscape Homes, Inc

A good way to take in as much light as possible and spread it across the room is by using matte finishes like eggshell or satin when painting the walls.

This can also be achieved with woodwork such as doors, staircases, baseboards and picture rails, just by applying white gloss. It’s an amazing paint finish that freshens up the atmosphere by extensively reflecting light.

Combining Rich Neutrals with White

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room3 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Murphy & Co. Design

Shades of brown, white and tan are known for their warmth and the way the subtly deepen the surrounding. They allow a wide range of choices like camel tan, espresso brown, mushroom gray and warm rust colors which are the perfect complement to a dark wood floor, wooden door and even heavy wood furniture.

The Mirror Effect Never Disappoints

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room4 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: AGATA C DESIGN

Leave to shiny surfaces to gleam throughout the room and make an impactful difference on the overall brightness. The more the merrier – aside from mirrors, silver photo frames, brass lighting and candlesticks, gold door knobs, clear acrylic furniture and chandeliers are just some of the things you can incorporate into your design.

A hallway with a large entry mirror, combined with perceptively brightly color walls is a perfect way to reflect all available light that enters.

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room5 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Zephyr Interiors

You can only catch as much light as the mirror allows, so the bigger the better. Wide wall mirrors come in many styles that give you much to choose from: antique mirrors, beveled mirrors and also Venetian mirrors are very popular.

Why not replace your art full of art with a large mirror? When strategically placed across the room from the windows, or even next to them, a mirror can easily reflect light around the room and off the furniture.

Liven Up the Ceiling

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room6 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Dallas Design Group, Interiors

We’ve all experienced the dramatic vibe emitting from a wood paneled or dark painted ceiling as they are very common today.

Even though their use has a genuine aesthetical purpose, they tend to close up the room and darken the environment.

Can lights are recessed lighting fixtures that are discreet, yet effective because they work exactly on how to make a dark room bright as they can instantly wipe out the gloominess of the room without being too flashy. When installed with a dimmer switch, their brightness is adaptable.

Large Lights

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room7 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Shakuff

As previously mentioned, the term “the bigger the better” is highly applicable when working with lighting. When you replace the dim spotlights with large pendants and hang them lower over your furniture, you will immediately feel their radiant effect.

A White Ceiling

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room8 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Honey Bee Interiors

The ceiling feels lower when it’s dark and it creates a tightening feeling when considering the width and height of the room. The smart thing to do is paint the ceiling a classic white, as it will make the room seem bigger, brighter and definitely more airy.

Window Treatments

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room9 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Rosewood Custom Builders

If you want your room to take in as much light as it can, then remove any dark and heavy curtains you may be using.
They frequently have a tendency to absorb the light, so changing them with something of lighter colors and fabrics or even removing them completely contributes to keeping the room a bright and fresh space.

The color is also an important factor when choosing the right curtains – you don’t want anything too dark that will absorb too much light.

As long as privacy is concerned, shutters are quite enough to keep you feeling both secure and refreshed. They also allow a control of light, so you can choose how much you let in.

Glass or French Doors

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room10 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: B Fein Interiors LLC

A beautiful and elegant way to share light between rooms; French doors are good at avoiding the dull shut that comes from interior doors.

Even though interior doors are very practical, with the ability to soundproof and isolate the room, keeping a more open and fresh look demands using something more narrow, and this is exactly where French doors come in handy.

Light Finishes Go Well With Dark Cabinetry

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room11-2 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Nina sobiNina Design

Enrich the design of your kitchen by adding some dark colors to the cabinetry and flooring. It might seem like an idea that would only darken the room, but when mixed with lighter finish countertops or lighter pieces of cabinetry, you may make it work in a very stylish way.

An open kitchen is very important, as it adds to the whole experience and activity of the room. These tips are handy when remodeling the kitchen, especially when trying to achieve a fresher vibe.

Window Film

Nina-sobiNina-Design12 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: DSID

When wondering how to lighten a dark room, dark and heavy curtains are the first thing you should definitely avoid. A great alternative to this is window film which is both aesthetically pleasing and frequently inexpensive.

The Right Floor

Nina-sobiNina-Design13 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Chloe Warner

Obviously, the first choice would be something highly reflective. Polished wood floors have this quality, as they provide the same effect as paint finishes like satin and gloss. If wood is not your thing, use a light carpet to fill the space.

Adding Light to the Bedroom

Nina-sobiNina-Design14 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Janet Brooks Design

For all of you who want to achieve a dramatic vibe by having a dark bedroom, then you should consider using soft bed linen colors to widen the space and make it feel more calm and welcoming.

Sleeping in a dark bedroom is a very deep experience, because the dark walls and bedding add to the dreaminess of the whole atmosphere. To freshen it up a little more, you can also consider working with the color of you pillows, making them a bit more accented.

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room15 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Compass and Rose

When you consider lighting the parts you want to accent, you can keep your dramatic vibe while achieving a soft and elegant glow.

Under cabinet lighting, pendant lights, side table lamps, and even lighting concealed in display built-in shelves can be just the addition you need to lighten up this fairly dark atmosphere without making a big difference to the mood.

Brightening Your Dark Wardrobe Closets

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room16 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath

One of the darkest rooms in your home is the closet where you store your clothes. Whether your closet lies on the interior of your bedroom and doesn’t have windows or because it was an afterthought by the housing developer there are beautiful solutions to fix this problem.

Either way there are ways to bring light to this dark room. Lighting fixtures such as pendant lights and recessed lighting can bring extra illumination to dressing areas as well as hanging regions. Look to add mirrors where you can to reflect the light you do have.

Roof Light

How-To-Lighten-A-Dark-Room17 How To Lighten A Dark RoomImage source: TLA Studio aka Trevor Lahiff Architects

Maybe it’s not so easy to incorporate this kind of light into your room; it is definitely worth it as it is one of the best ways to achieve that much needed lighter atmosphere when considering how to lighten up dark rooms.

Because light gets around better from the ceiling, this is the perfect method in creating a light and lively vibe.