Now that summer is here with us, you need to learn how to maintain your swimming pool. As you prepare for family gatherings and parties, you need to know the type of care that your pool needs. Here are a few maintenance tasks that will help you to keep your pool in top shape for the summer:

Vacuum It

To limit the amount of chemicals that you need to add to your swimming pool, you should use a vacuum at least once a week. Use it to go over the pool’s surface then overlap certain areas to ensure that you do not miss any spots. Make sure that you check the vacuum filter frequently and clean it to remove any debris.

1200px-Backyardpool How to Maintain a Swimming Pool in the Summer

With a vacuum cleaner, it should take you approximately 30 minutes to clean your pool. If you have a wide pool, you might have to vacuum one side before moving to the other one. For hard debris and algae, you should use a chemical pool cleaner and a nylon brush.

Skim the Debris

If you have bushes and trees near your swimming pool, there is a high chance that your pool gets dirty quickly. You need to use a leaf skimmer to clear this debris before people start jumping into the water. Using a skimmer regularly will increase the circulation of water in your pool.

Maintain the PH Level

To prevent injuries and ruining clothes, you should keep the PH levels in your pool the same. You should use a PH scale to measure the acidity of water; the ideal PH of pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Make sure that you have a testing kit with test strips so that you can measure your own water.

pool-ph How to Maintain a Swimming Pool in the Summer

If your pool water is above or below the safe range, you have to add in some chemicals to fix it. You can use soda ash to increase the range to 7.2 and muriatic ash to decrease it to 7.8. If you do not have any of these chemicals, you should consider calling in professionals who have experienced in handling chemicals.

Clean the Pool Filter

Your pool filter is one of three types: diatomaceous earth, sand, or cartridges. The maintenance that you provide will depend on the type of filter that you have but make sure that you clean it periodically. If you fail to clean your filter regularly, it will not do its job of trapping debris and your pool will start looking dirty.

Moreover, the flow of water will change and this will be signaled by increase in the flow meter and pressure gauge. When cleaning the filter, you must:

–          Remove the cartridge and hose it down

–           Turn the valve to backwash

–          Consider replacing your sand filter with a cartridge or diatomaceous earth filter because it depends on a storm drain.

–          Empty the diatomaceous earth filter bag

Find and Fix Leaks

At the beginning of summer, you should check your pool for leaks and fix them if you find any. To test for leaks, you should use the bucket test procedure. First, you need to ensure that the pool water is at its normal level then use a bucket to check for leaks. At this point, you need to call in the pool experts.

swimming-pool-designs-0617-1521461783 How to Maintain a Swimming Pool in the Summer

The above tips will help you to maintain your pool during the summer. If you have always wanted a pool but don’t have one, you should get in touch with a professional pool service. Make sure that you find out how long it takes to install a pool so that you can make time.