An extendable dining table comes with extendable table slides, panels, or leaves that pull out to provide additional sitting space. It is the perfect choice for a dining table if you have limited dining space since you can fold or extend the leaves as needed. The panels slide in and out through metal runners installed under the table. But when you don’t take good care of your extendable dining table, the metal runners and hinges can get stuck whenever you want to extend or collapse the table. Regular cleaning and a dab of lubricant keep them functional and in good condition. Check out these tips on how to maintain your extendable dining table.

Regular dusting

Although an extendable dining table is built to last for many years, it is your maintenance that extends its lifespan even further. Regular dusting eliminates dust particles and debris that are likely to scratch the table’s quality finish, be it wooden, glass, or marble.

Always use a microfiber towel or a lint-free cloth to remove the stagnant particles. A microfiber towel needs not to be damp to dust the dining table clean, but if using a lint-free cloth, you can damp it lightly to wipe away sticky particles. Avoid cleaning your table with products that contain silicone because they can absorb into it and damage the finish.

Take care of heat and humidity.

Do not place your extendable dining table near heat or a radiator, as that can lead to other problems. You should place it in an area with stable temperature and humidity that will not expose it to rapid drops and raises. Keep the extra panels or extensions within the table or on the same floor your table is to ensure if the wood expands or contracts, the extending panels change along with it. That means the panels will still slide in and out even if the wood has contracted.

Keep the humidity levels at around 45%. Higher humidity levels can cause the wood to develop a seasonal crack, while lower levels can cause it to swell. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to balance the humidity.


If you buy an extending dining table with removable slides, you can remove the extensions and store them separately. However, avoid storing them in your basement, attic, or garage. Humidity, moisture, and temperature changes in those areas can cause the wood to swell or contract.

Cleaning and other care

A dining table is prone to food and drinks spills that can get stuck on the table. That may be unavoidable because the table is used for dining. But you can simplify your cleaning work by utilizing a dining table cloth or table mats. You can place the mats before mealtime and wipe away any spills as soon as they happen. Wiping sticky spills means you have to use a cleaning agent, which can damage the table’s surface.

For stubborn spills, use a few drops of liquid washing soap and wait for some minutes for the dirt to loosen up before wiping it off. Use organic cleaning agents like vinegar for stubborn stains and wipe them off with a dry microfiber towel.

The final words

Proper maintenance of your dining table keeps it looking good and extends its lifespan.

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