We are all looking for ways to create the most beautiful home without breaking the bank. Many people wrongly believe that they need to budget a huge amount for furniture, ornaments and decorative items but this is not the case. It is very possible to create a beautiful, classy home without having to spend a huge amount of money. By looking in the right places for deals and using the right interior design tricks, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

To help everyone take their home to another level without having to spend all your savings, here how to make your home look expensive with affordable items.

1. Look For Bargains

The first thing you need to do is to look out for bargain pieces which are worth a lot more. These might be antique wooden chairs which someone is selling at a car boot sale without realizing their worth, or a beautiful ancient rug at a second hand store. Keep your eye out for quality furniture and other items available for a low price and add the pieces to your home. They will automatically upgrade the property and can be accent pieces which you can design the rest of your home around.

2. Take Advantage of Coupons

There are some fantastic deals to be had no matter what you are buying if you can get your hands on some discount coupons. You can find both online and offline vouchers which you can use in furniture and home stores to buy some really beautiful items for your home. There are some fantastic Kohl offers available with coupons where you can get 60% off or even some cash back on any purchase you make. Always keep your eye out for coupons and save them until it is time to buy something for your house. They will enable you to pick up an item which might usually be out of your budget at a major discount.

3. Use Classy Colors

No matter what kind of items you have in your home, the right color scheme can automatically make your home look more expensive and upmarket. There are two main directions you can go when it comes to interior design: traditional or contemporary. Traditional designs tend to have more colors and make use of interesting designs and patterns on textiles and soft furnishings. Contemporary homes tend to have white or light colors on the walls and dark woods or metals for furnishing and ornaments. It doesn’t matter whether your items are inexpensive, as long as the overall style is coherent, your home will look great.

4. Use Lighting to Maximum Effect

In order to maximize the effect of your color scheme and overall design, you will need to set up effective lighting in your home. Light can create the impression that your home is more spacious than it actually is which will help it to look more expensive. Use a number of small light fittings rather than one big one as this will enable you to control the light and shade in your home more easily. There are some fantastic lamps and pendant lights available which look expensive but don’t actually cost a lot of money and these items can really make your home look great.

5. Upcycle Old Wooden Items

Solid wooden furniture is very expensive and so buying it for your home if you are on a budget is very difficult. One solution to this problem is taking old wooden items which no longer have any use and upcycling them into brand new pieces. With a little love and know-how, and a fair amount of hard work, you can recondition old ladders into shelves, old chairs into tables, and old doors into tables. Take your time sanding down and polishing each piece and it will be totally transformed.

6. Minimize Your Design

If you cannot afford to buy a lot of items for your home that is no problem as, these days, many people are going for a more minimalist design. This is ideal for a budget because you can just choose a few great pieces to invest in but which will immediately make your home look expensive. The important thing with minimalist design is identifying the best pieces for each space. Minimalist interior design works best with a contemporary style so look for dark metal and wooden items. Make sure not to clutter the room and it will automatically look super luxurious.

7. Head to the Flea Markets

Another great way to keep the cost of your home items down but still find some really beautiful pieces is to head to your local flea markets. Far too often overlooked as a resource of great home furnishings, there can be some really amazing pieces being sold for next to nothing. Flea markets are ideal places to pick up interesting textiles and artwork which you can use to really upscale the look of your home. There is always room to haggle at the flea market so make sure you put on your tough negotiator hat before you head to the market.

8. Turn Junk into Retro Items

Turning what may seem like old junk into cool, retro home items takes a good eye and a little imagination. One way to get inspiration is to visit old pubs which are the best at doing this. There are so many beautiful old pubs with vintage jars, bottles and bits of old machinery which are displayed in incredibly stylish ways. If your local area is known for a particular industry, you may be able to pick up an old machine part or piece of workmanship for super cheap which will make a fabulous talking point in your home.

exp2 How to Make Your Home Look Expensive With Affordable Items

Creating an expensive looking home without spending a lot of money can be easy if you know how. Seeking out bargains, upcycling old items, and creating the right color scheme and lighting setup can dramatically transform a house. Follow this simple guide and you will have a fantastic looking house without breaking the bank.

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