No child should feel unsafe in their home.

Most homes don’t come prepped for children’s safety, and it’s the parents responsibility to install and create a safe home for all. For parents who have children with immobility, there’s added responsibility to ensure their home is inclusive and accessible so that there’s nothing interfering with a child’s movements and well-being.

You want everyone to enter your home and be comfortable with their surroundings, and with these new additions, everyone can.

Evacuation Chair

Evacuation chairs are ideal for anyone living in a multi-floored home in the case of an emergency. These chairs only require one other person to assist in going up and down the stairs comfortably and safely and help facilitate safe and easy evacuation for anyone who is immobile or mobility challenges. If you live in an apartment building, the elevators often aren’t a safe option during emergencies. This is when you would turn to evacuation chairs for stairs to offer smooth stairway descent while being lightweight and durable.


For anyone whose home has an abundance of stairs leading to the front door, it’s time to consider a ramp. Ramps allow children with limited mobility to be independent and comfortable. If your front yard doesn’t allow for a ramp installation, consider building a ramp within your garage to your garage door for ease and accessibility.


Ensuring a clear pathway is the most straightforward yet most crucial step towards an accessible home. Declutter all the items on the floor that might obstruct doorways or access to essentials to avoid uncomfortable situations. Your child will feel lightyears safer knowing that there won’t be anything blocking their way both entering the home and throughout—a rule of thumb, the fewer items around, the better.

Create an Open Layout

Consider moving around furniture to create more of an open layout for everyone in the family. The less furniture obstructing a path, the more open pathways there will be, and the more accommodated and safe a child will feel.

Keep Emergency Items Accessible

Place essential every day items at arm’s length. The last thing anyone wants to encounter is looking for the emergency kit and it not being at an accessible height. You want everyone to be able to access the essentials without having to call for help each time.

Non-Slip Mat in Bathroom

It’s common to find water on the floor in the bathrooms, but for anyone that’s immobile, that’s a risk you don’t want to take. Installing non-slip mats in your bathrooms is essential to avoid any falls or accidents.

Shower Bench

Whether you place a chair in the shower or install a bench, it’s an indispensable necessity. There are fewer risks involved with a shower bench installed and remain spacious for anyone using the shower.

Custom Furniture

Having customized furniture in the bedroom and living room allows any child to get from their chair to any furniture easily. In the bedroom, consider a lower bed by adjusting the bed frame. For your family room, consider a sofa that doesn’t have an arm on the end for ease in transfer in communal spaces.

These additions will not only create comfort but allow your child to be independent throughout their home.

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