Interior design can sometimes seem an impenetrable wilderness of difficult-to-understand rules and architectural norms that fly way over the head of most homeowners.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of! Not everyone can be an expert in a specific domain of interior design.

However, everyone is blessed with an innate sense of style that is both perceptive and unique, and it’s this that this article wishes to draw out of you. Take a look at your home’s setup and apply these four tips to your interiors to make your decor shine.

Color Palettes

Start from the colors, and go from there. This is the foundation upon which you build the rest of the more detailed interior style.

Peach-and-grey-living-room-colour-schemes How to Make Your Home's Decor Shine

It’s also one of those more unique aspects to interior decoration that will very much chime with what you’re looking for in a home. Do you like minimalist white; a color that goes with every kind of home decor item?

Or a more homely lightwood and natural hue of colors? Perhaps you like dark interiors, in which case dark wood and more moody colors might be more down your street. Bear in mind that the color tones you choose will dictate how furniture and decor items shine through in your home.

Light and Dark

 Equally important is the relationship between natural and artificial light in your home. Most interiors benefit massively from the influx of natural light for at least part of the day.

It somehow adds lightness and freshness to everything contained in your home. However, there will be times when artificial light is necessary.

In general, white lights suit white walls, and yellow or orange lamps suit a more colorful or wood-based interior. Carefully consider the lighting in your home to make everything inside sparkle and shine.

Decor Items

 Everyone has a different sense of what they should decorate the interior of their homes with, but the vital thing is to keep at the forefront of your mind the importance of matching each item you purchase with the style of the room your decoration.

White-living-room-with-orange-accents How to Make Your Home's Decor Shine

A red modernist lamp simply won’t work in a traditional wood-floor, wallpapered room. On the other hand, it might make the most beautiful statement in a minimalist white-walled, airy and well-lit room. Think before you buy.

Cleanliness and Tidiness

 Even if you consider your interior’s design ‘done and dusted,’ you should still be dusting and polishing it throughout the year. That’s because the real, unique and original gleam of your home’s decor can dull quickly if you’re not observing the correct cleanliness practices.

2wa-blue-grey-living-room How to Make Your Home's Decor Shine

If you’re not a fan of extensive spring cleans, leave it to the professionals at, who’ll sweep around your home in no time to leave it immaculate and sparkling clean. You should also tidy as you go, ensuring clutter doesn’t take away from the awesome and stylish home decor inspiration that you’ve curated in your home.

Making your home decor shine isn’t tricky; it’s just a case of exploring your tastes and avoiding the easy mistakes, and cleaning everything once it’s been established, of course.