Area rugs are not something we usually incorporate as a kitchen décor. They are mostly seen in living rooms or bedrooms, but recently, there has been a trend of using area rugs as their kitchen’s focal point. And oh boy, are they beautiful. There are beautiful kitchen runners for hardwood floors,too. These large rugs really do give your space a pop of color and texture while at the same time giving your feet the comfort they deserve. Can you imagine walking on a soft rug while walking around the kitchen preparing meals? Sounds like a dream to me.

Now, there’s some things you have to consider before you hop on this new design trend:

  1. Size: How much of your kitchen floor do you want to cover? Area rugs are usually bigger than your average rug, but they do come in different sizes too. So, it is imperative that you know where in the kitchen you want to put it and how big you need it to be. It is advised that you leave at least 6 inches from the edges of the rug to your walls or cabinets when using a bigger area rug so as not to make it look cramped.
  2. Color & Design: Putting an area rug on your kitchen will make it look like a centerpiece and will definitely draw eyes towards it because of its size, this is why you need to be careful in choosing the color and design of the rug you are getting. If you are following the 60-30-10 scheme, make sure you get your area rug in your “30” or secondary color for a more cohesive look. It is also best to get a design that can coordinate with your existing kitchen décor or aesthetic. If you are into a rustic or Scandinavian vibe, then you should get a rug in a neutral color or those that looks more natural to the eye like hand woven rugs.
  3. Safety: Choose a rug that is slightly thick but not too thick that it becomes a tripping hazard in your kitchen especially if you are rushing to get breakfast out on a Monday morning. Another thing to look out for, is the backing or underside of your rug. It is important that it has anti-skid backing that prevents it from moving around while you walk or stand on it, and to also avoid slippage. If you really like the design on an area rug but it doesn’t have an anti-skid backing, then just opt to get a rug pad beneath it to secure it on your floor and avoid slipping hazards.
  4. Cleaning and Maintenance: Since you are putting it in the kitchen where there’s a lot of activities happen, you need to get a rug that is stain and moisture resistant. Area rugs are huge, so it is more convenient for you if they are durable enough to be machine washable rather than having to manually clean them, or those that you can just easily wipe off with a mild soap and warm water. This is to ensure that your rug stays clean and looking new.

All in all, area rugs can completely transform your kitchen space with a fraction of a price. It gives both design and comfort, and also gives your kitchen a warm, cozy feel. If you are having a hard time choosing an area rug, know that a flat weave area rug is a foolproof option. They are machine washable and are quite inexpensive compared to wool or silk. Decorating your kitchen is a fun process, enjoy it!