When you have just moved into a new property, it can take a while for your house to feel like a real home. Whether it’s the unfamiliar layout, not knowing where certain items are, or just a general feeling of the place not being truly yours yet, the experience can be a little disconcerting at first. Luckily, however, there are a few easy steps you can take to make your new house feel more like a home, so that before you know it you will feel as though you’ve been living there forever! Here are some top tips.

Unpack early

Unpacking is a big job, especially after the hassle of packing everything up in the first place and the stress of moving house itself. However, as long as you have boxes lying around with half of your belongings still inside, your new house is not going to truly feel like home. Plus you won’t be able to find many of the items you need for daily life! The best idea is to tackle the task as soon as possible so that you can get properly settled in rather than feeling like you’re stuck in between homes. Start with the most important bits and pieces, put some music on to keep you entertained but not distracted, and just get on with it – you’ll thank yourself afterwards!

Display your personal items

It’s the personal touches that make a house feel unique and more like a home. Sometimes when you first move in, it can feel a little like being in an Airbnb or a hotel – especially if you’re moving into one of the help to buy new builds that hasn’t been lived in before. An easy way to make a property more your own is to display some personal items such as photographs, treasured possessions, artwork, books and other similar belongings. This adds a sense of familiarity to a space that will make you feel more comfortable.

Bring back familiar sensory experiences

Our senses are powerfully linked with our memories, so by recreating the scent, look, sound or feel of your old home you can create a meaningful link with the new one. Try burning scented candles, using an oil diffuser, or cooking a favorite meal to infuse the air with familiar smells. Hanging up fairy lights is another fantastic way to make a space feel more cozy, as well as bringing out cushions and blankets that create a comforting tactile experience.

Spend time in each room

This might sound obvious, but spending time actually using a room is the best way to make it feel more homely. Cook a meal in the kitchen, have a movie night in the living room, take a long bath in the bathroom – anything to make the space feel properly lived in. This will also help to ensure you unpack everything you need and get each room organized early on. The quicker you make memories in a house, the quicker it will truly feel like it’s your home.