If you’ve decided to let out your property, you might be in a hurry to get tenants in. Otherwise, you could be losing out financially. While some properties have no trouble in attracting people who want to rent, other homes could use a little work. So, what are the key attributes that make a home appealing, and how can you apply those to your property? Here are some tried and tested tips to make your property attractive to potential tenants.

Cleanliness – this may seem obvious, but presenting a clean property is one of the most important aspects and something that will make all the difference to anyone who is making a decision on whether to rent a property or not.

Cleanliness doesn’t just mean presenting a clutter-free home, but one with clean carpets and other soft furnishes, windows, and doors, and a fresh feel to the kitchen and bathroom areas. If you have had previous tenants, do a deep clean and replace any over-used furnishings before showing around new tenants. If previous tenants have damages your property, landlord insurance can help you potentially recoup some of the costs, as CIA Landlord Insurance Brokers points out.

Neutral Décor – first impressions are important when showing people around your property, so keep thing feeling fresh and light by decorating in neutral colors. You might like the idea of a bright yellow feature wall. However, it could be something that puts off potential renters. Keeping things neutral allows people to visualize their own ideas for color schemes, and gives them a clear canvas to start with.

Storage – make the most use of space by having clever built-in storage solutions, especially if your property is on the small side. Storage is something that we all need in a home, and when you have plenty of it, it can make all the difference in making renters choose your property over another.

Low Maintenance Garden – have garden areas easy to manage as this will attract every sort of tenant. Those who are not inclined to gardening will have no trouble enjoying the space, and you won’t have to worry about the state it is getting in over time. Also, if your tenants do enjoy gardening, then they are able to be creative with planting. An area of patio or decking makes any garden a place to socialize in, while a basic lawn is a nice place for children to play.

In order to attract tenants, and to get a higher market rate for renting your property, making it appeal to different people is important. For example, you might rent your property to young professionals, a growing family, or a retired couple, and having a property that meets the requirements for a spectrum of people means that you are likely to have it occupied quickly. If you have been trying to find tenants, or find that existing tenants do not want to renew their lease, take a good look at your property and see how you can improve things with the tips in this guide.