There’s nothing worse than having a kitchen that is not big enough to fit all of your appliances and kitchenware.

Often, people struggle with this and are forced to keep things from their kitchen all over their home. In order to help you with this, we have put together some tips on how to maximise space in a small kitchen.

We’ll talk you through some ideas like hiding those appliances that you haven’t used in years and using vertical shelving. Keep reading this article to find out more about maximising the space in your small kitchen.

Use Shelves

small-ki How To Maximise Space In A Small Kitchen

When you have a small kitchen, the best thing that you can do is to make use of the vertical space. How much space in your kitchen is not being used because there are no shelves?

To really maximise the space in your small kitchen you need to install some shelves all around your kitchen. You can put whatever you want on these shelves like appliances or food.

Shelves come in really handy and don’t be afraid to build shelves above each other and give yourself even more space.

Hide Appliances

Not got any room in your kitchen? It might be time to do a clear out of your appliances. Think about the appliances that are taking up valuable counter space and consider how often you use them. When was the last time you used your doughnut maker or the soup maker?

If you don’t use appliances, then they do not need to be on your counter. If and when you use them, you can take them out of the cupboard where they are stored. If you don’t think that you will ever use an appliance again, it might be time to get rid of it or donate it to charity.

Round Dining Table

Another reason why a lot of people don’t have space in their kitchen is because of their large dining table. Think about how you could maximise the space by investing in a round dining table.

These types of tables take up a lot less space and there is more room around the edges for your family to get in and out.

There are of course a few things you need to take into consideration when buying a round table. You can visit this website for some purchasing advice to make sure you choose the right shape and size table.

Use Your Window Sills

Need some extra space to store your items? Why not make use of your windowsills. You would be surprised at how much more space you can free up by doing this, so it is definitely worth a try. Make sure to keep your windows tidy and don’t overcrowd them.

You probably don’t use them as counter space anyway so by placing things on them you are giving yourself more space to chop and prepare other food.


The next step that we have for those trying to maximise the space that they have in their small kitchen is to declutter. Take a look at your cupboards and decide what you really need.

minimalist-kitchen-des How To Maximise Space In A Small Kitchen

Do you have lots of spice bottles that are nearly finished? Try to find a new solution to the overcrowding of your cupboards and declutter where you can.

You don’t need to have five different sets of plates when there is only four of you in your family. Start decluttering and see how much space you can free up.

Use Hooks

Our final tip for those who are hoping to maximise their kitchen space is to use hooks. You can use these hooks for whatever you want but they will come in handy for things like hanging kitchen utensils, tea towels and much more.

Make sure that the hooks are secure before hanging any sort of utensils on them. You should avoid hanging sharp knives up by hooks, but you could try a magnetic knife holder that you can hang on the wall. Hooks can come in very handy and they will free up space on your counter and in your drawers.

Final Verdict

There are so many different ways that you can maximise the space in your kitchen as long as you are willing to make some compromises.

You need to consider spending an entire day decluttering your kitchen and getting rid of things that you never use. You might have some appliances that you haven’t used in years and it is time for these to go.

If you think that you might use these appliances in the future, then you can place them somewhere else, but they do not belong on your counter beside your microwave or toaster. You should also consider getting a round dining table and making use of your window sills. Make sure to take all of our advice on board and soon you’ll have a lot more space in your kitchen.

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