With more time on our hands and more time being spent inside your home as a result of the pandemic, it’s hardly surprising that you’ve noticed the outdated carpet, the inefficient use of space in your kitchen, and the impractical shower that leaks over the floor. In the past, it has been easy to make excuses and justify these problems with the pure fact that you haven’t had time to slot in planning renovations, purchasing furniture and building or decorating your house.

However, with everyone now at home together, there are now more hands around to help out, as well as more time to get stuck in. You don’t have to be an interior designer to transform your current home into a functional and enjoyable living space, but here are a few ideas and recommendations on ways that you can upgrade your existing rooms or spaces in the house to get you started on your new journey.

Relaxing Bathrooms

The bathroom is the perfect space in the house to unwind and relax, which can seem impossible if you have to worry about others running in as you try to enjoy a bubble bath. You may want to consider building a smaller bathroom with just a toilet and sink, so that there can’t be any excuses from others to interrupt you by insisting that they need to use the toilet as you try to destress after a long day of working. This separate toilet room would allow you to add a bathroom door lock, because this will stop people storming in and there would be no reason someone should need to enter the room if you’re inside relaxing!

Depending on your budget, you might want to consider adding some technological functions and gadgets to enhance your bathroom experience. There are different jet functions and chromatherapy lights that will help to change your mood and relax your body into dropping any worries. Different coloured lights have been proven to boost your thoughts and feelings, with purple encouraging relaxation, and green stimulating balance. These, of course, are not essential to have in your bathroom; however, they are a luxurious treat that will give you a great excuse to have some time to yourself.

Functional and Open Living Space

Given how important the kitchen is to any home, whether for eating, socialising or making memories, you may want to consider spending a little more in this space with a professional renovation. Kitchen Capital are an Australian based company that specialise in kitchen renovations, and offer bathroom renovation services too, with specialist architects and designers to create your dream kitchen customised to your own individual tastes. They work in renovating existing kitchens, but can help you plan and design a new kitchen in a newly built home too.

A kitchen renovation takes away the stress of planning and being responsible for purchasing or building your kitchen, as well as ensures that you can achieve that polished perfect look. It is perhaps the one room in the house where you can justify needing a professional service to help, given the complexities of installing heavy units and electrical features, like ovens, sinks and stoves.

If your budget will not stretch as far as a full renovation, there are ways that you can refresh your kitchen without breaking the bank. Upcycling has become popular in recent years, and is not only great for your wallet, as it helps reduce waste which is good for the planet too. If you want to create a polished modern look in your kitchen, try painting the existing cupboards and furniture with a white matte paint.

Some textile stores sell offcuts for fabric, wood, metal and tiles, which are perfectly safe to be used as a new piece of kitchenware, a wall piece to prevent splashbacks, and even new dining chair seat coverings or table cloths. There is no shame in upgrading your kitchen through environmentally friendly alternatives such as upcycling, recycling and repurposing. In fact, these methods mean that your kitchen has original and unique features that no other home will have! This can make your guests and neighbours jealous, or even inspire them to embark on their own projects.

Innovative Lighting and Energy Solutions

Depending on the intended style and interior of your home, you may want to consider opting for an automatic lighting system, which means that you will no longer need light switches clogging up your wall space. This is also a brilliant way to save on your energy bills, as it doesn’t rely on anyone remembering to turn off the lights after leaving the room, and you only use light when daylight isn’t sufficient enough to be able to see in the room!

Another environmentally friendly initiative that will not only help the planet, but your cash too, is choosing energy efficient light bulbs. There are now energy efficient light bulbs that emit a clear, white and bright light, as opposed to the clinical orange light that some energy efficient light bulbs would emit in the past. This means that there is now no difference between normal and energy-saving bulbs, and therefore no excuse not to choose them!

Finally, if your roofs are south-facing, you should consider installing solar panels to power your home, instead of paying for a company to supply your energy. If you do not use all of the energy that your solar panel has produced in a month, the excess electricity can be sold back to your energy company for some extra cash, and could even help to supply the neighbouring houses! If you’re not lucky enough to be able to invest in solar panels, opt for a company that uses sustainable methods of sourcing energy because they can be cheaper and can balance out your energy usage at home.

Landscaping Your Garden

A beautiful and well-kept garden can become your new living room in the summer, with later sunsets meaning that you can spend longer in the garden at night. Consider opting for open French doors into the garden from an open-planned living space that may be combined with the kitchen, if you can, so that your family and guests are encouraged to use the garden. Sometimes, the garden can be the most neglected diamond of a house, which is why you should focus and dedicate time into transforming it into somewhere you want to be!

There are many different plants and shrubs that will grow with little intervention or upkeep, and so you can no longer blame your lack of green fingers for the lack of nature in your garden. If you do opt for doors into the garden from your kitchen, consider installing a wooden deck so that you can eat and drink outdoors. If your garden is big enough, you could construct a greenhouse that can not only look pretty impressive, but be functional for growing your own vegetables.

These are only a few ways that you can bring your house into the twenty-first century, and have hopefully inspired you to finally decorate that room that has been neglected for years, or start planting the seeds that you bought a few years ago! Whether you choose to do these renovations yourself, or with a professional company, you will reap the benefits for years to come!