Are you fed up with your house’s décor and looking to modernize? Your home is an expression of your personality, and this can be difficult to relax within if you are unhappy with how your house looks. However, décor can often become old-fashioned quickly and be replaced by current trends, especially through aspects such as wear and tear. Whether it consists of upgrading to herringbone flooring, repainting, or renovating your windows and doors, for example, there are plenty of ways to modernize your home. If you want to spruce up your décor and overhaul the vibe of your house, this guide will help to show you the best ways in which you can change the look of your house, leaving you with a home that both you, your family, and your guests will love.

  1. Upgrade To Herringbone Flooring

Flooring is one of the first elements of your house that is likely to be damaged due to the amount of pressure that gets put upon it from muddy feet and running kids. Not only this, but carpet can often lose its bounce and start to fray or gather dust over time. In recent years, the desire for flooring such as herringbone flooring rather than carpet in houses has become more common, and more and more homeowners are now considering the benefits of flooring. Herringbone flooring is a great options that is high quality, with long lasting results. Not only do wood panels and tiles look smart and professional, but they are also easier to maintain and look after, meaning that with only a simple swipe of the mop, you can have modern flooring for years to come. If your flooring is looking scratched or damaged, herringbone flooring is a great option for homeowners, with its striking pattern and range of modern and up-to-date shades of wood.

  1. Repaint in Neutrals

Your walls are constantly subject to a huge amount of wear and tear from moving furniture and everyday life. However, scratched or faded walls can make your whole house look shabby and old-fashioned. Then, you should consider updating your house by giving you walls a quick splash of paint. Not only is this a relatively cheap option for the modernization of your house, but it can also make your house look cleaner and brand new again. Although you might once have had a passion for mint green or mustard, colors often go out of date much more quickly than neutrals, and you should think about choosing colors such as white, oatmeal or tan for the best look. Neutrals not only help to add more space to your room, but the colors that you paint with can help to add an ambiance that can be calming and even help you to sleep.

  1. Go Minimalist

If furniture is sprawled across your room, your room can have the feeling of being cluttered or crowded, a defining feature of old fashioned homes. Minimalism is now a big trend with homeowners, and this trend can help to see your home looking more spacious, light, and professional. Not only can minimalism create a calming space within which you can relax, but minimalism is also easier to upkeep, with less cleaning needed the less furniture you invest in. However, minimalism does not mean that your rooms have to be impersonal. In fact, making your rooms minimalist can help to draw attention to focal points in the room, such as a vibrant wallpaper or a prized possession.

  1. Invest in Smart Appliances

No modern home is without the most up to date gadgets and investing in smart appliances to help make your daily life simpler. Although there are some concerns over the security and privacy of smart devices, if you are looking to have a modern home, technology is your friend. From sensor controlled light fixtures to the best wi-fi router to security cameras that connect to your mobile and keep your house constantly secure, there is no end to smart gadgets that can both entertain you, impress your friends, and make sure that your home can help you combat daily life. This will make sure that you can spend more time relaxing, rather than getting up to constantly check the oven or answer the doorbell, with apps that can connect to your oven and mobile software that means that you can see who is at the door available now.

  1. Give Your Furnishing’s Style

There is a difference between old-fashioned and shabby chic, and if you want to make your old-fashioned table and chairs trendy on a budget, you should consider reading online DIY tutorials about transforming your furniture into a shabby chic lover’s dream. If you simply want to modernize your existing furniture without making them shabbier than they are already, you should consider giving them a lick of paint or sanding them down to smarten up their appearance and make them as good as new in no time at all. Other options include buying completely new furniture sets, and you should try to opt for classic styles that do not fade with the most recent trends, such as leather sofas and simple oak dining room tables.

  1. Renovate Windows and Doors

When planning to renovate their house, many people forget to consider their windows and doors. However, your house’s windows and doors are what create your visitor’s first impression of your house, and this is important for both your guests and potential buyers of your house in the future. In fact, windows and doors can be the decider between the exterior and interior of your house being shabby or chic. Replacing your windows and doors can instantly smarten the appearance of your house from both the outside and the inside. It is not only the look of your home that windows and doors can improve, however. Getting new windows and doors can greatly improve the security of your home, and, what’s more, the double and triple glazing on new windows can transform your energy bills, and you will instantly notice the reduced cost as well as the lack of draughts that these new necessities afford.

  1. Maximize Your Space

Maximizing the space available in your house is one of the most important steps that you can take to breathing fresh air into your home and helping to add value to it if you come to sell. To maximize the space available in your house, you should paint your home in neutral colors such as white which helps to make your home seem airy and the ceilings will also seem higher than they naturally are. However, neutral is not the only color scheme which you can go for, and greens and yellows are receding colors that help to make your rooms feel more spacious. You should also consider solutions such as multipurpose furniture such as sofa beds, which are convertible for different uses to lessen the amount of furniture you will need in your room, as well as ensuring that only a third of your space is used up on furniture.

  1. Invest in Wallpaper

Creating feature walls and using wallpaper can also help to modernize your home with the latest trends and fashionable prints. Although many people associate wallpaper with their parent’s era, wallpaper has now risen into prominence again when it comes to interior design, and there are many on-trend ways that you can check your house stays up-to-date with the addition of wallpaper. Some of the latest crazes when it comes to wallpaper include nature and palm prints, as these help to bring the outside world indoors. If you do not want the hassle of removing a lot of wallpaper when you decide to renovate, you should try creating a feature wall. Graphic and illusory prints are also popular, reflecting our fascination as a society with technology and modern art. This will both create a dramatic focal point within your room and help to make your rooms seems spacious and luxurious.

  1. Add Soft Furnishings

However, it can be incredibly easy to leave your room feeling cold and impersonal if you decide to opt for a minimalist look, and many of your current soft furnishings may become dated quickly through wear and tear if they are in constant use. Adding soft furnishings can help to create a glamour of modernity to your home. By investing in cushions, curtains, and throws, you can follow the latest trends and interchange these easily and on a budget when the fashions change. Soft furnishings also create a personal touch that helps to make your home a welcoming and peaceful space where you can feel comfortable. What’s more, soft furnishings are the ultimate luxury when it comes to feeling cozy, and there is nothing better than snuggling up in winter with a blanket, throw of cushion.

  1. Refit Your Bathroom

Although many people are starting to see the appeal in a vintage bathroom, old bathrooms can become a problem for homeowners who are looking to modernize due to their tendency to have issues such as mold and rot. The damp conditions of a bathroom help to make these problems prevalent, and this can help to age your bathroom and make it look dirty and unhygienic for both yourself and guests. To avoid your bathroom becoming a dismal space where you do not want to spend time, aim to renovate it before it gets too dated. Modern bathrooms tend to have white or neutral fixtures rather colors that have been popular in the past such as yellow and pink. You should opt for simplicity when it comes to your bathroom, although modern features such as power showers and oval bathtubs can help to make your bathroom a relaxing space. If you are looking for extra luxury, you may also want to think about marble counters and tiles that can help to add a touch of elegance to the room.

  1. Have a Spring Clean

There is nothing worse than clutter when it comes to aging rooms, and if you have messy rooms full of ornaments and unnecessary furniture, this can crowd the space that you have available. If you are looking to give your home a deep clean, you should dispose of or put away any items which you do not love nor think are necessary to have on display, leaving out only what you use or which add décor to the room. You should make sure that every item has a particular space where it can be placed each time you tidy as this will help you to know where to find particular items and make sure that nothing is left lying around with nowhere to be tidied to. You should throw any empty containers or food packages that you have, and consider implementing the rule of three, where only three items must be displayed on any one shelf.

  1. Invest in Storage

Storage can also help you to manage the space that you have available and update your house’s décor, and also help you to achieve a minimalist and spacious look. There are many storage solutions that you can opt for in your house, and some of the best include over-the-head or ceiling storage, which is especially vital for garages and offices. You can also think of discrete solutions such as having under-the-bed storage and chests and hampers which can both add extra décor and couple as an excellent method of storage. You should also consider adding more shelving and hanging storage to your walls- shelves do not have to be solely for books, and there are many decorative items that you can store on shelves such as files, documents, ornaments and plants. If you want to make these shelves look tidy, closed cabinets are a great option as they allow you to have the same storage space, however this can be shut away from prying eyes. Hanging storage solutions are also great options for children’s bedrooms as they are both modern and fun.

Modernizing your home’s old-fashioned décor does not mean that you have to opt for impersonal or minimalist options, and nor do you have to spend a lot of money. By enacting simple solutions like decluttering or repainting, it is possible to make sure that your house looks fashionable, spacious and clean for years to come.