Getting away to a cottage or a cabin is meant to help you live with less, disconnect from outside distractions, and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. However, if you have a large family or experience a few rainy days in a row, the reduced means can feel restrictive.

For this reason, you should optimize your space to experience the log cabin lifestyle made easy. Whether this is your summer vacation hotspot or a place you can escape to year-round, applying the basics of interior design can improve your overall experience. Here’s how to optimize space in your cabin or cottage.

Scale Down the Furniture

rustcab How to Optimize Space in Your Cabin

In a cabin, you don’t need a bunch of end tables, lamps, and shelving for knick-knacks. Be creative and take a minimalist approach to furnishing your space. Instead of getting a huge, overstuffed sofa that dominates the room, opt for something a little smaller and more streamlined. Try and limit the space to a coffee table, rather than a full furniture set.

Whenever possible, try to opt for multi-purpose furniture. Rustic trunks serve well as both a coffee table and storage for blankets and supplies. A sofa with a pull out bed will be useful should company arrive. Try to think of function over fashion when decorating.

Use Wasted Space for Storage

In both cabins and houses, there’s bound to be some wasted space. For example, the upper portion of the walls, particularly over doorways. These are the perfect locations for shelving that won’t interrupt the flow of the room, but make excellent storage for supplies. Adding trundles under the bed is perfect for storing extra blankets. Hanging hooks– whether from the wall itself or to the underneath part of shelving– can help with utensil storage when cupboard space is limited.

Take time to evaluate what is and is not getting used during your season at the cottage. If you notice that you have a utensil that’s not needed or extra books left behind that no one is going to read, take them with you when you go to minimize clutter.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors won’t increase the amount of space or storage you have, but it gives the illusion of more space and helps increase the lighting in typically darker areas of a cabin. Sometimes, that’s all you need to keep from feeling cramped in a small area.

Another way to allow light to travel within the cabin while maintaining privacy, is to use semi-opaque or frosted materials rather than all solid walls and doors. Swap out solid bedroom or bathroom doors for frosted glass. You can even create a wall out of semi-opaque material to allow light to travel through in lower traffic areas.

Use the Outdoors

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When you head to your cabin or cottage, you shouldn’t do so with the intent of staying inside the whole time. Of course, poor weather has a way of making outside time challenging. That’s why you should view the surrounding outdoors as an addition to your living space.

Adding a covered porch can add square footage to your cabin, and makes the perfect spot for an outdoor dining or living area where you can retreat when the kids are getting rowdy on a rainy day. Adding a flat space where coverage tents can be set up quickly and efficiently allows for more room to move, regardless of the weather.

Set a Packing Limit

Channel your inner commercial airline and set a baggage limit when heading to your cabin. By doing so, you not only limit what your family packs, but you also set a rule for yourself. This is a great way to curb the desires of the over-packers in your life, even if that over-packer is you.

When it comes to the cabin lifestyle, keep things simple and focus on what matters: making memories and unwinding with nature.