Choosing a toilet for your home can be challenging owing to a large number of toilets in the market. But what features does an excellent toilet have?

If you can answer this question right, then you are in a better position to select the ideal toilet for your home.

Some of the key considerations while choosing your toilet to include; The amount of water used is a single flush, its design, and color, the cost, its durability among others.

 In picking your ideal toilet for your home, you need to consider:

1. Water conservation ability

A perfect toilet for your home should have the capacity to save on your water bills. Older generation toilets flush water at a rate of 3.5(gallons per flush) gpf as opposed to standard toilets that have a rate of 1.6 gpf. This means that standard toilets will flush half amount of water compared to the older generation toilets. They are also more efficient in eradication bulk and avoiding clogs in the system.

b-2922a104020-townsend-elongated-toilet How To Pick The Right Toilet For Your Home

We also have high-efficiency toilets (HETs) that have a flush rate of 1.28; this confers them an ability to save 20% more water than the standard toilets.

Least but not last are the Ultra-High Efficiency Toilets (UHETs) with a flush rate of 1.0 gpf. They are the best in water saving abilities. Besides the toilets in have highlighted above, we also have dual-flush toilets, which offer the option of a full or partial flush.

As you choose a toilet for your home select one with the right specifications and that fits into your budget.

2. The right size

As you select the ideal toilet for your home, you must consider the available space. Most common toilets are connected to the floor at a distance of 12- inches from the wall. This is what we call the “rough-in” dimension. Other common toilets come in 10 and 14 inches from the wall.

Ordinary toilets come in 17 inches height, 19- inches toilets are also available. The 19-inches toilets are available for the elderly and tall people.

3. Color and style

Choose a toilet that complements the color scheme and design of the room. Though most toilets come in white porcelain, you can get toilets in different colors. You can put an elongated toilet, one-piece or two-piece toilet depending on the space available and your preference.

Grey-gold-black-modern-bathroom-design How To Pick The Right Toilet For Your Home

Wall mounted toilets are also available. You can search online for excellent home design ideas, that will assist you to choose an ideal toilet for your home.

4. Latest innovations

Latest technologies in the manufacture of toilets are geared towards producing toilets that are durable, able to remain clean for longer, in addition to being efficient. Self-cleaning toilets are an example of an innovation that will save your time and costs.

If you make the right choice for your toilet, you will avoid regrets in the future in regards to water conservation, efficiency and preventing regular repairs. The ideal toilet in your home should have the right dimensions, your choice color, and style, be easy to clean among other features of an excellent home toilet.