Renting a storage unit is a very useful part of moving, downsizing, or simply preserving some items for the future. Even though it’s recommended to declutter your home once in a while, and get rid of the items you rarely use, it doesn’t apply to everything in your home. Some of the items have both financial and sentimental value and can be used in the future for different purposes. Very often, our beloved wooden furniture values more than you can sell it, so it’s a pity you simply give it away. And sometimes, people enjoy restoring old furniture and getting some amazing pieces for their new home. If you have a couple of items you want to put in storage, you’re in the right place. To make sure your wooden items are as good as new once you take them out of the unit – you need to protect them from aging, extreme temperatures, and other dangers. Therefore, let’s move on to a simple guide on how to prepare your wooden furniture for long-term storage, and don’t worry about it.

Separate the parts

Most of the wooden furniture comes in a couple of parts, and less commonly in one piece. These are often difficult and riskier to store, so disassembling them is a good way to prepare your wooden furniture for long-term storage. This will help reduce the risk of breaking and scratching in the process of delivering the items to the storage unit. However, be sure to do this properly, so you can put the pieces together easily, even after a long time. Once you take out all the screws, it’s best to put them in separate plastic bags, tie the bag, and tape it to the furniture piece they come from.

Also, it’s a good idea to label the bag if there are a lot of screws from separate parts of a furniture piece. Even though this seems like an extra, unnecessary step at the moment, it will be very useful after a long time when you forget how exactly the furniture piece looked like. Apart from the screws, you can also remove the handles, knobs, and other fixtures. They are easily damaged during transport, and can’t be easily replaced after a long time.

How-to-prepare-your-wooden-furniture-for-a-long-term-storage How to prepare your wooden furniture for long-term storage

Figure 1 One of the ways to prepare your wooden furniture for a long-term storage is disassembling it and wrapping the parts individually. alt.tag: wooden furniture

Clean well to prepare your wooden furniture for a long-term storage

The next step of preparation is the cleaning of all the pieces of your wooden furniture. Wood tends to ‘collect’ dirt over time, and if you don’t clean it well, the dirt can damage the paint, especially after a longer period. Therefore, be sure to clean your wooden pieces properly, using mild cleaning products made particularly for wood. This will ensure you don’t scratch the items even more and remove their color or shine.

Bonus tip: Wooden pieces such as chairs or benches often have parts made of upholstery. These parts also deserve a proper clean, so make sure you don’t forget that as well. Use special products or wipes for cleaning upholstery and cushions, and wait until the fabric is completely dry before wrapping and storing it in the unit. Furthermore, don’t forget the metal fixtures when cleaning your wooden furniture. These also need a proper clean, and it’s also great if you polish them well and in that way avoid oxidation.


Another important step you shouldn’t avoid when preparing your wooden furniture for long-term storage is waxing. There are several reasons why wax is important:

  • protect the paint and wood from moisture – learn about other ways to make your wooden pieces waterproof
  • fills any small cracks on the surface of the furniture and stops them from spreading
  • makes a protective layer on the surface of your items which makes them less slippery and easier to carry
  • protects the items from drying out over time, especially if you’re storing it in a unit that isn’t climate-controlled.

Wax the items properly and protect them from humidity

Our advice is to be very generous with wax – take your time to apply it well, and make sure you wait a couple of days before you wrap and store it in your unit. This is particularly important if you live in a place where humidity reaches very high levels. In that case, Florida offers great solutions by storing your items in specially designed units.

How-to-prepare-your-wooden-furniture-for-a-long-term-storage-3 How to prepare your wooden furniture for long-term storage

Figure 2 Help your furniture last longer by preparing it properly and choosing climate-controlled storage units. alt.tag: storage units

The final step

Now, after everything is clean and shiny, it’s ready for packing. You should wrap your wooden furniture before putting it in storage. The easiest way to protect it is by using plastic wrap. It’s important that you cover all the parts of the items, and fix the wrap with some tape. It’s very important you don’t put tape directly to the wooden surfaces, since glue can damage them over time. Also, take your time with this process – wrap them well but also make sure it’s easy for you to remove those layers once you want to take the item out of the storage.

How-to-prepare-your-wooden-furniture-for-a-long-term-storage-4 How to prepare your wooden furniture for long-term storage

Figure 3 It’s important to prepare your wooden furniture for a long-term storage so it can last longer without any damage. alt.tag: a piece of furniture that needs to be prepared for long-term storage

It’s time for storage!

Once everything is clean, shiny, and wrapped, it’s time to place the items into storage. Even though the items are protected in some way, there’s a risk of breaks and scratches. Be sure to bring some old blankets, towels, or even pillows to make some cushion protection for your wooden furniture. This is particularly important if you’re going to put them on the ground, or against a wall. Concrete, granite, and wall paint can easily damage your items, so be sure to provide them with some additional protection. Also, it’s best you lift the items on palettes, and never place the furniture on top of each other – over time, they can break and damage everything else in your storage.

In the end…

Make sure you remember where you put all the small parts – it’s best to keep them together with the larger pieces, or properly labeled in a box. This will ensure you find these pieces and assemble the furniture very easily, even after months or years. And if you follow all the steps to prepare your wooden furniture for long-term storage, you can be sure that the items will be as good as new, whenever you decide to put them to use again.