You never know when and how hard a hurricane might hit, but when it does it has the potential to cause billions of dollars worth of damage to the affected communities.

Preparing for natural disasters might be the only way to lessen the cost of repairs. Your windows are the most susceptible since they are made of fragile glass.

How to protect windows in a hurricane? Covering the glass with these methods will ensure that objects do not fly through your windows and lead to scattered pieces of glass.

Why Protecting Windows is So Important?

Some storms do not have the power to break glass by itself, but even moderate winds can lift objects. These objects can impale glass and fly into your home through the windows.

Once the glass is broken, your home is vulnerable to the elements of rain, hail, winds, and more flying debris. You won’t be able to make repairs until well after the storm has passed.

So, your best option is to prepare for the worst and protect windows before you are left with a broken one.

Putting Up Boards

In the past, hurricane window protection usually consisted of people rushing to nail plywood to their windows. While this can be an effective strategy, it also takes time.

Waiting to do this last minute can be stressful and dangerous. But, sometimes storms do not give much warning or become false alarms.

Plywood is unsightly and a lot of effort to put up. If no storm comes, then it can be a waste of time.

Hurricane Fabric

One step up in hurricane windows protection is a stretchy fabric made for placing on the outside of your windows.

The good news is that it is easy to nail fabric rather than large pieces of plywood. The bad news is that the fabric is an eyesore.

It also takes some time to install so it shouldn’t be done last minute. The fabric is slightly see-through, so it is a better option if you want to observe the storm from the safety of your home.

Hurricane Shutters

One of the best hurricane window protection options is the use of durable shutters.

These can be installed at any time as they do not obstruct your view or cause a blemish on your home’s curb appeal.

You can review this great research website link to find out what types of shutters are available. They can match your home’s color palette while providing the easiest protection against storms.

All you have to do is pull them shut when a hurricane is near.

Storm Windows

The most expensive window protection for hurricanes is specialized panels added to your windows.

These heavy-duty windows come in a range of material and price tags. The most pricey being hurricane windows that will protect against flying objects busting through the window.

Usually, they will come with two layers of tempered glass or hard plastic and can be reinforced with aluminum.

How to Protect Windows in a Hurricane All Year?

If you want to know how to protect windows in a hurricane then the key is being prepared all year. Keep plywood or fabric handy as well as nails if you do not install shutters or hurricane windows.

And if you want to keep your home looking like new before and after a storm, visit the home section of our blog for decorating tips.