Moving heavy objects can be tough during any relocation. You can use the following tips so that your back doesn’t get hurt or the items don’t end up getting ruined.

Carry tall items high and low

Packing small objects is very easy but it takes a lot of energy to carry tall dresser or a filing cabinet and the like. You don’t have to do it all by yourself and you can always get some help. One person can carry the top of the item to be moved and the other can carry the bottom. This shifts the center of weight and the heavy object feels lighter.

Move the couch vertically

Have you tried moving the huge couch around the hallway already? You must have felt irritated and frustrated trying to do so. We know carrying such a huge piece of furniture could be daunting. This is why you should move it vertically. Just position the couch on its side such that it stands tall. Now you can move this around with some help until the door. If the height of this couch is more than that of the door then bend it to hook it outside of the room. Save yourself from the ordeal of moving the huge couch by dragging it horizontally with this pro tip.

Slide things away

Why carry something when you can slide it through the room? Ask yourself this question for everything heavy to move. Can you perhaps use something to keep under the object and then drag it across? For instance, if you have a cabinet which is too difficult to be moved then simply place it on top of a carpet or bedding. Same goes with pool table removal. Then try and drag this piece of cloth. You will find that the object will move way faster than it did before.

Use blankets and plastics

Moving blankets can come in handy to protect your valuable furniture while relocating. You can rent them anytime but it is a good idea to have them at home. It won’t cost you much and most importantly, you will end up ensuring the safety of your furniture. All you need to do is to cover the furniture with these blankets and then tape with plastic. You may also use cheap packing boxes to make it more organized.

Plan where the bulky objects will land

When you are moving to a new house you should decide where the furniture will be placed beforehand. Take correct measurements of every room and then make a layout. This will save a lot of time which will be spent on rearranging the furniture if you don’t plan it well. If you wish to make things easier for the movers then it is best to tape the layout in every room so that they will know exactly where the placement has to be done. This saves a lot of trouble for both you and the movers.

Separate the recliner

Recliners can be pretty heavy to move which is why you should use this trick while moving them. The recommended thing to do is to take the back of the recliner off. Then you can move the rest of the recliner easily. While doing so make sure that the footrest is placed in its place and tied well. Otherwise, it will spring open and the movers might find it difficult to move it.

Use moving trolleys wherever you can

A good idea while moving heavy items is to use trolleys. You can buy one with a large size that can store various objects at the same time. This makes moving objects easy on any given day.

Use these tricks to help yourself ease the process of moving. It can be really difficult to lift every item and is also very impractical. Get as much help as you can and plan things well to make the move smooth.