Decorating the house with beautiful art pieces made of glass and a glass centre table is the exotic combination of beauty and elegance. Additionally, the glass cutlery looks just amazing to serve and present to the guests. But the level of care that the glass items demand is quite high and one needs to be very cautious in handling them.

But, what if one of those elegant pieces crack or gets damaged? Have you got any idea how to repair them and make them look brand new? Well, that is a sure cause of worry. As said, it is hard to rearrange and set the broken glass pieces back to the place they belong to. But, on the contrary to that, there are now so many options available to get that amazing glass piece back to that perfect look.

With the DIY techniques and glass fixing glues available in the market, there is a repairing guide for glass available for easy access and use.

Material needed to fix

Before going in deep about deciding to fix that broken piece of glass, you need to make sure to get answers to some of the basic questions. These are:

  • Is that glass piece so valuable and carry any attachment or value?
  • What is the size of the crack or chip?
  • Will the structural integrity be maintained even after getting it fixed?

Once you get the answers to these basic questions, you can move ahead and collect the items required fixing the glass piece. The basic things that are required include:

  • Clear epoxy glue that includes resin and hardener
  • A small dish or mixing plate
  • Cotton swab and piece of clean cloth
  • Toothpick or applicator
  • Acetone or the nail polish remover to clean up
  • Clamping support
  • Masking tape
  • Razorblade for scrapping excess glue
  • Sand
  • Modelling clay
  • Rubber bands
  • Paraffin wax
  • Nails and wood, in case of window especially

These are a broad list of material that will be required to start with the fixing of the glass things.

The Process Flow

The material is ready and available, and then it is the time to get your hands on the repairing guide for glass. With the basic steps followed with caution, the cracks and chips can be easily corrected and the broken piece can be transformed into the amazing piece of beauty again.

A systemic and defined plan with steps below will ensure the best results without any loophole.

Clean the Surface

The first step is undoubtedly yo clean the surface and remove any kind of dirt and dust that has been accumulated. This is to ensure that the aesthetic beauty is not compromised and the piece when fixed will look neat and tidy.

Prepare the Glue

Unseal the glue tubes and prepare the mix according to the instructions mentioned. Once opened, don’t forget to close the nozzle to eliminate the chances of getting the glue dried up.

Apply on the Broken Edges

Now you are ready to start the process of gluing. Apply the glue on the clean edges or cracks that need to be reconnected and repaired. Apply a thin and consistent layer that looks even and not shabby. Make sure not to drip the glue on the article elsewhere.

Fit it together

Press the pieces with a firm and steady pressure to ensure to bond. Make sure that the pressure is not too high as this can lead to further damage. Hold in the same position for a minute or two to get the sturdiness.

Let it Bond

Once the parts of the pieces are bonded leave them untouched for 10-20 minutes. To provide them with even more strength leave them as it is overnight.

Check and Clean Up

Once the bond is set remove the excess glue with the help of the razor blade and a damp cloth but make sure not to leave my scratches on the glass.

Precautions to be taken

Repairing glass can be tricky and hard at the same time. For the perfect finish and to cause no further damage, the precautions to be taken are:

  • Ensure the right kind of tool is used
  • Make sure the glue is of high quality
  • Ensure that the surface is clean and neat
  • Work closely to make sure that the bond is intact
  • Work in a well-ventilated area to ensure safety.

To Wind Up

The love for the glass things and the craze to decorate the house with the colorful decorative pieces is never to end. The fragile and delicate pieces of glass do demand high care. With a few simple precautionary measures, the chances of damage can be avoided. But in case, if it happens, with the help of the tips provided above as a repairing guide for glass, you can easily transform any crack or chip to an amazing new piece.