Time to replace those old windows? With just a few tools and the right know-how, you can do it yourself. Read on to learn how to replace windows.

Are the windows that you have in your home now on the older side? If they’ve seen better days, they’re probably taking a toll on your home in a variety of ways.

For starters, your old windows are likely dragging your home’s curb appeal down. They’re also making it a whole lot less energy efficient than it should be. They might even be hurting your home’s value.

By learning how to replace windows, you can put new windows into place in your home and enjoy all the benefits that come along with them. Window replacing is one of the best home improvement projects that you can take on.

Interested in tackling a DIY window replacement job? It’s not necessarily going to be easy. But you can put yourself at a decided advantage by learning how to install replacement windows ahead of time.

Use this step-by-step guide to install new windows in your home so that you don’t have to look at our old ones anymore.

  1. Start by Making Sure You Definitely Want New Windows in Your Home

Before you begin removing your old windows from your home and replacing them with new ones, you need to spend some time thinking about whether or not you’re ready for replacement windows.

Replacement windows can cost a lot of money. On average, you’re going to pay somewhere between $300 and $700 per window during window installation.

You might be able to bring those costs down slightly by figuring out how to replace a window on your own and making it a DIY window replacement project. But even then, it’s going to cost a pretty penny to replace windows.

You’re also going to make a decent-sized mess in your home while replacing your windows. You need to be prepared for this process so that it doesn’t catch you off guard later.

  1. Look for the Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

If you think long and hard about it and decide that you do want to install replacement windows in your home, the next step is going to be choosing the right replacement windows. There are so many options for those who wish to put new windows into their homes.

Some of the most popular types of windows these days are:

  • Vinyl windows
  • Wood windows
  • Aluminum windows
  • Fiberglass windows

Go with the windows that are going to look and feel the best once they’re in place in your home. They should also be the windows that will make your home the most energy efficient it can be once they’re installed.

  1. Measure Your Home for Replacement Windows

After you decide once and for all that you’re going to install new windows in your home and pick out the windows that you want, it’ll be time to take measurements so that you don’t invest in windows that are way too big or too small for your home.

To do this, measure both the height and the width of your windows inside of your existing window frames. Take your height measurements on the left and right sides of your windows as well as right down the middles. Take your width measurements at the tops and bottoms of windows as well as right across the middles.

Once you have your measurements, order windows with your smallest height and width measurements. This will ensure that your new windows will fit nicely into place when they arrive.

  1. Rip Your Old Windows Out of Your Home and Discard Them

When your new windows show up at your home, you’re going to be so excited to install them and show them off to the world. But before you can do that, you’re going to need to make room for them by getting rid of your old windows.

This isn’t always as simple as it might seem. You can do a lot of damage to your window openings and make a huge mess by removing old windows improperly.

To rip an old window out, do these things:

  • Begin by removing your storm window from your window opening if you have one
  • Check to see if your window has either sash weights or sash springs in it and remove them if it does (be very careful with sash springs since they may be under a lot of tension and could snap and cause an injury!)
  • Remove either the interior stops or exterior stops for your window, depending on whether you’re going to be installing your new window from inside or outside your home
  • Use an oscillating saw to remove the sashes from your old window
  • Fill any holes that have been left behind by your old window and replace any damaged wood that sits around the outside of the window opening

If you have a home that was built before 1978, there is a chance that you could have lead paint in or around your windows. When this is the case, you’ll want to contact a window installation company to assist you with your project.

  1. Clean Around Your Window Openings and Prepare Them for Replacement Windows

With your old windows safely out of the way, you’ll be so close to installing your new windows. But right before you do, it’s important to clean your window opening so that it’s ready to accept a new window.

Utilize a shop vacuum to clean a window opening so that there isn’t any dirt, dust, or debris in or around it. You could complicate the process by trying to put a new window into a window opening that is filled with debris.

Take the time to apply special flashing tape to your window sill as well. While you’re at it, check your window sill to make sure that it’s leveled and that there isn’t any bowing that has taken place. You may need to use shims to level your window sill out.

  1. Put Your Replacement Windows Into Place

Once your window opening and window sill have been prepared for window installation, you’ll be as prepared as you’re going to be to install your new window. This is how you’ll want to go about doing it:

  1. Take your new window and dry fit it into your window opening to see that it fits
  2. Move your new window to the side for a few minutes and caulk the top of your window frame, the stops in your window opening, and your window sill
  3. Put your new window back into your window opening and let it rest against either your interior or exterior stops
  4. Screw your new window into place and check to see that your window sashes are even and leveled
  5. Add insulation around your window frame
  6. Cut a window sill adapter to the right length and lock it into the bottom of your window
  7. Caulk along the edges of the inside and outside of your window to seal it up

In theory, doing all of this might sound simple enough. But you’re looking at a few hours of work, at least, to get the job done. Take your time and make sure it gets done right to prevent air and moisture from leaking into your home through your windows later.

  1. Call on Window Installation Professionals If You Need a Hand

After you get the hang of how to replace windows, it’s not that difficult to do it on your own. You’ll feel more comfortable doing it once you have one or two replacement windows in place.

But if you don’t feel good about DIY window replacement at any point, it’s a great idea to stop and get a professional window installation company to come out and help you. They’ll install your windows the right way the first time and make them look great.

Look for a window installation company that has a wealth of experience when it comes to replacing windows. Look for one that also has a bunch of great windows options for you to choose from.

But maybe above all else, try to find a window installation company that has tons of positive reviews from past clients. This will let you know that they know what they’re doing as far as replacing windows is concerned.

Hire them to handle your replacement windows for you. They’ll do an amazing job and leave you with windows that you love in the end.

Know How to Replace Windows Before Getting Started

As you can see, it’s not impossible to learn how to replace windows. Even if you’re not the handiest person, you can figure out how to install replacement windows in your home in a hurry.

You can also leave window replacement up to the professionals if you want. They’ll come into your home, measure your windows for you, and take care of every aspect of your new window installation. It’ll all get done in a matter of just a day or two and help you enjoy the benefits of having new windows sooner.

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