There are many reasons for having a wood burning stove in your house. First of all, it gives you the warmth of a real fire. Nothing can give you as natural and beautiful sound of a burning wood as a wood burning stove. It is definitely the most cost-effective and ecological solution. It is really efficient, provided that it’s used properly. However, sometimes stoves need to be renewed. How to restore wood stoves?

What is a freestanding wood burning stove?

Freestanding wood stoves are heating appliances made from cast iron or steel. They are made in such a way that it’s possible to have a wood fire inside. Thanks to that possibility, the metal gets hot and the room is heated.

Old wood burning stroves were associated with cheapness, sometimes even with poverty. You can imagine such an old-fashioned stove in some old shuck. In the 21st century, wood burning stoves are built with the use of new technologies. They are always subjected to tests. There are more kinds of freestanding stoves: steel stoves, tile stoves, pellet stoves etc.

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Advantages of wood burning stoves

Wood stoves are really efficient, just like oil furnaces and gas heaters. Their efficiency range is around 90%! However, one of the biggest advantages of this kind of stroves is that they are not installed into a fireplace. Some of the freestanding stoves are on pedestals and others are on legs. They are modern, stylish, and what’s more, they are not integrated with the layout of the house. It basically means that you can place iron stoves anywhere you want.

Wood stoves are worth having because they use renewable fuel that you can find almost anywhere. It may look like an “old technology heater”, however, nowadays it’s the best choice to heat your home. Summing up, freestanding stoves are a combination of efficiency and modern technologies of burning wood.

What are the most important functions of freestanding stoves?

The most valid and obvious function is providing the heating, comfort and warmth to the home. When it comes to small little houses, freestanding wood burning stoves should be the primary heat source. In some cases, they should be the only option! Thanks to the heat distribution system and water jacket, it is possible to heat the entire house too.

Wood burning stove is a great alternative to a chimney or tiled stove. There are some models which enable baking and cooking. Modern freestanding wood burning stoves have doors which retain heat when closed. They are also fitted with a thermometer so that measurement of temperature is possible.

How to install a wood burning stove?

There are a few ways to install this kind of stove. It can be placed in any room (at an appropriate distance from a wall) but first you have to make sure that your burning stove is installed properly, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Remember not to put the burning stove on a floor made from flammable materials. Instead, choose a stone or ceramic substrate. If you bet on a wooden floor or wooden panels, you must use a plate or tempered glass. It will decrease the risk of fire.

When connecting the stove to the chimney solution, make sure that the smoke from the stove is properly directed through the smoke ducting. The chimney inlet should be placed on the stove or a little over the stove.

How to restore it?

You can make your wood burning stove look new. There’s a couple of ways you can do it. You can make use of heat resistant paints, you may take advantage of a heat resistant silicone, and you may also think about replacing an old stove fire rope with a new one, especially when it’s not 100% efficient.

Use heat resistant paints

If you want to make your stove look restored and renewed, you may use heat resistant paints because they act as an insulating coating, especially on the surfaces of stoves and ovens. You can use them in order to paint on furnaces as well as on boilers and barbecues.

They are functional – they protect stoves against corrosion and, what is even more, they have a decorative function. There is a wide range of products available on the market. You can choose high temperature stove paint. You ought to shake a can of such spray paint for not more than one minute. Allow it to dry and then turn the grates over in order to spray a coat on the undersides.

Take advantage of a heat resistant silicone

Another solution is using high temperature silicone sealant. It is characterised by excellent adhesion to building materials, such as ceramics, wood, glass, glazed surfaces, most plastics and so on. It’s easy to apply this sealant. It is resistant to high temperatures. When it comes to stoves, silicone is used in order to bond, seal, assemble and restore. If you need help, just ask somebody who knows about stoves.

Replace an old stove fire rope with a new one

It is important to replace cracked and broken fire rope because it poses a threat. It’s not that hard. Firstly, you have to pry up the old stove rope. Clean remains with a wire brush. Then spread a thin layer of glue inside the stove rope. Start with a lower part of the door and, later on, spread over the entire length of the door. Press firmly. Try not to have a gap between two ends. Wait for the glue to dry so that you could light a fire again. Now you’re 100% ready for a heating season!


There’s no doubt that wood stoves are worth having. And what’s more, they are worth restoring. Renewed stove is a guarantee of safety, and, at the same time, it’s presentable and functional. Restoring stoves with the use of special heat resistant paints and silicones isn’t difficult. It has never been easier!

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