Improvements in technology and materials supply chains are bringing down the prices of bathroom upgrades tremendously. Getting that spa feeling in the bathroom layout is truly within the reach of every able bodied taxpayer these days. Why not take advantage and turn your bathroom into a daily vacation? Here are a few suggestions to really give a luxury feel to your bathroom while still on a budget.

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Scented Candles

The right smell at the right time can trigger good feelings and memories, both great ways to revitalise and upgrade the daily bathroom experience. Scented candles can be a source of beautiful ambient light as well as an exquisite olfactory experience to add a level of depth to any bathroom on a budget.

The right candles can be like colors for your nose. Try these to get different effects:

  • Black pine and oak moss – This manly candle is a soy blend that is great for a bachelor pad. The strong but subtle scents really get the adrenaline going, but in a balanced way.
  • White barn aromatherapy scent – This beautiful scent comes from Bath & Body Works. The active ingredient is vanilla patchouli, which gives off a buttery, smooth scent that is great with soft music and a warm bath.
  • Lavender thyme Chesapeake Bay candle – Indulge yourself in a special fragrance that is meant to touch the mind and body at the same time. You will feel serene and enjoy the olfactory benefits of all natural oils and a bevy of super-ingredients from around the world.

Upgrading Storage Space

The less clutter you have invading your limited space in the bathroom, the more free you will feel. You can have fun adding a few freestanding shelves for your high-class toiletries (this will also encourage you to buy more expensive spa level toiletries), and you can get a lot of mileage and aesthetic uplift out of the right shelving. If you can’t find the right accent shelving, wicker baskets are a great fallback option for any bathroom decor.

Getting New Accents

You may be able to get away with upgrading your bathroom for a pittance if you change your accents around correctly. You can improve the harmony between your colors if your decorative pieces and cabinet feature tiles match, for example. Add a personal touch with some effects that mean something to you in the bathroom. Experiment!

A New Paint Job

This is not always the best option if your bathroom appliances and features are truly aging. If you have to shell out for a bathtub that is leaking because of age, then just do it. You can choose from new designs that will spark other upgrades that you will be proud of. However, if you have a bathroom with no functional problems, then a simple repaint job on your bathtub or mirror frame can work wonders. You can also get away with this on your flooring, using spray paint instead of a more expensive re-tiling to upgrade your floor. You will probably have to replace the grout, but this is hardly as expensive as pulling up the entire floor.

From Furniture to Vanity

A boring piece of furniture in another room can lighten up a bathroom. Vintage tables and storage drawers work incredibly well here. The only thing to really consider is the size of the piece. Because your bathroom is probably smaller than the room that you took the furniture from, you need to make sure that you do not limit your walking space when you make the move.

These are just a few changes that you can easily make to upgrade your bathroom on a budget. Take a look around your neighborhood during social events to get ideas. There’s nothing wrong with stealing a few as long as you put your own twist on it once you get home!