So, you’ve spent hours poring over samples and style catalogs to get the perfect décor, soft furnishings and key furniture pieces, debated the wooden floor versus carpet dilemma, kitted out the yard with greenery, decking and loungers and chosen the perfect front door, but don’t stop there.

Your home’s mailbox also deserves some thought and attention, because after all, why would you want to have any old mailbox when you could easily have one which is absolutely perfect?

If you find this idea appealing but are a bit lost on how to actually find and choose the best residential mailbox for your home don’t worry, we have you covered. Keep reading for the key tips which will help make this both an easy and a worthwhile decision.

Get the right look

The perfect mailbox for your home needs to reflect your personality or interests but also be a good fit with the general feel of your neighborhood. So while a huge novelty style may amuse you your neighbors may not find it so easy to live with.

mailbox-banner-2 How to Select the Perfect Residential Mailbox for Your Home

In some areas there are residents associations ready to pounce on such things, so tread warily.

Keep the mail carrier in mind

Rural areas, smaller communities, and homes with huge front yards or driveways tend to favor post mounted mailboxes, largely because this makes delivering the mail and papers easier for those with that task.

For the same reason homes in more urban areas are more likely to have wall mounted mailboxes because the mail carrier will probably be delivering on foot. These should be designed to protect the mail inside from rain.

Is the size right?

Larger families or anyone who receives a fair amount of mail should always go for a bigger sized mailbox, some are even big enough to take packages. If you have a newspaper delivered regularly look at the design to store that separately from the mail – to save space and make picking it up easier.

If you get catalogs or magazines regularly check the mail slot is big enough to handle them comfortably.

Choose a mailbox made from the right material

Materials to choose from, none are perfect. Go for stainless steel for a longer lasting mailbox, even in a wet climate. It will rust but not very fast so should see out the time you need it for.

res How to Select the Perfect Residential Mailbox for Your Home

Aluminum is only really usable in dry climates as it rusts quite quickly, while plastic lasts a long time but isn’t great in hot climates and can be the easiest to break into. If you prefer a wooden mailbox make sure it is fully weather-proofed – and checked every so often in case it needs to be redone.

Brass is a flexible option as it does fine with all kinds of weather, but in return you need to polish it regularly or it will take on a green tinge.

Once you have the essentials covered the mailbox you choose will be absolutely perfect, because it meets all your needs. However, if you need a little more help, check out