If you are selling your property in Michigan, it can be a nerve-wracking process. You have to find the right buyer and hope that they don’t change their mind about buying before you close on the sale. If you want to save some money by selling without an agent, here are five tips that will help make sure everything goes smoothly!

1. Arrange Showings By Appointment Only

You can set up a meeting with prospective buyers to show your home. The selling process should be easier and faster because you’re not spending time showing people around the house. Try contacting real estate investors who specialize in purchasing homes directly from owners without going through traditional channels like MLS listings or FSBO websites. There are also companies that buy properties directly from owners. This “we buy houses” company in the Grand Rapids, MI, will help point you in the right direction as well as provide you with insights on how to go about the whole process.  These days, there are several online platforms that connect property sellers looking for alternative selling methods (i.e, selling their properties outside of the public market) with potential buyers such as real estate companies, individual private purchasers, and so on.

By using these sites, your home will get more exposure to a wider range of buyers compared to selling it on your own, which is typically limited only to local residents within a driving distance of where you live. You can take advantage of this by making sure that your listings include all details about the property including its location, number of bedrooms/rooms, square footage, and the amenities nearby.

2. Create A List Of All The Features That Will Make Your Home Stand Out To Potential Buyers

This is your selling point list. A newly landscaped front yard with a pond and waterfall feature. Spacious living room with high ceilings and lots of natural light from skylights above. You will need to highlight these features when you start showing your home to potential buyers, or even if someone stops by for an impromptu tour. If they like what they see, then you’ll be able to set up showings without having to call each person about scheduling times. Here are other ways to help prep your home for sale:

  • A spacious backyard, perfect for hosting barbecues and entertaining guests.
  • Well maintained landscaping in the front yard offers plenty of curb appeal
  • Flowers planted around trees and bushes throughout the entire lawn area will create vibrant colors that pop against the green turfgrass background

If you’re not sure what other features can make your place stand out from all others on sale right away, then reach out for help from those who’ve done it. They’ll be able to give you advice on what features are great selling points that will make the entire process easier for you.

3. Advertise Your Property On Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great selling tools. Post your property on these sites to increase awareness around the community of what you have for sale. Even if you don’t have a ton of followers, social media works as word-of-mouth. People who are interested in selling their Michigan property will be able to see it on your site and spread the news around themselves. This is an excellent way to increase views without breaking the bank with expensive marketing campaigns!

4. Set Up An Online Listing With Photos And Videos Of Your Home

m2 How To Sell Your Michigan Property Without A Real Estate Agent

It is free to list on most sites. Make sure the description of your home contains a detailed layout and all selling features, so viewers can see what it offers before they actually visit in person. Ensure the photos you include are high quality, clear, and depict any unique selling points of the property. If possible, shoot with a DSLR camera or professional-grade phone camera for best results; upload them as soon as you’ve taken them!

Videos showing off entire rooms from multiple angles will be more appealing than still images alone. Keep the tone of your listing friendly and conversational. Ensure all contact information is accurate, including a working phone number and email address where possible.

5. Get Your Property Ready For Sale

Allow for adequate time to market your home. If you are selling during the winter months, it will take longer than summer because of all the activities that people do in warmer weather. Spring and summer are the best seasons to sell a property in Michigan. They are peak seasons when investors are looking to capitalize on properties. Among the things that can help improve the value of your property include:

  • Clean it inside and out
  • Make any repairs or improvements that are needed to increase your selling value
  • Stage the interior with furniture, lighting, and decor
  • Update pictures of spaces as they can show potential buyers how a house could look like when decorated. Also, pay attention to landscaping

6. Get A Home Inspection

A home inspector will check the roofing, siding, and foundation for any problems. They can also give you a general idea of how much it would cost to fix things that may arise in selling your house. Find out if there are any holes or cracks – these could be signs of bigger issues that need attention before selling your Michigan property without a real estate agent. In addition, look at the condition of the paint on exterior walls, as this might indicate whether repairs have been made recently.

It can be tough to sell your home without a real estate agent. But, with the right approach and some preparation, you too could list your property online for sale in Michigan. To get started on this journey of selling your house from start to finish all by yourself, get an inspection done first so that there are no surprises later down the line. You might also want to think about staging areas like kitchens or bathrooms if they need any changes before listing them as well.

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