When looking to sell your house faster, staging may help accelerate the process significantly. It makes your home ready for showing and entices buyers to want to buy for as their home or see it as a good investment. When a person is looking for a house, they’re looking for the wow factor to make them want to buy it. That’s what makes it an essential process in preparation for selling a house. These days, you can hire professional home stagers or do it by yourself.

What Is Home Staging?

It’s the process of strategically preparing your house by cleaning, rearranging decors and furnishings, and making simple remodels to make it more attractive to potential buyers. It may also involve renting furniture and décor as well as removing your stuff and belongings.

Staging helps to create a perfect first impression is an excellent way to appeal to better buyers quicker. Even when you’re selling the house on an ‘as-is’ basis to cash home buyers and investors, such as Ocean City Development or similar companies, staging might help you sell the house faster and at a better price.

Tips For Staging Your Home

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Home staging doesn’t need to cost much or be an overly complicated, time-consuming process, especially if the main areas of your house are in good shape. Whether you choose to use a professional or stage it yourself, here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • Depersonalize the Home

Remember, you’re not staging the home to match your personal taste. You’re creating a neutral space that any buyer will find appealing. You need to understand that staging the house is your marketing strategy meant to affect or sway the buyers to imagine themselves as owners of the house. Depersonalizing the home removes bias in the minds of potential buyers. It’s better to remove anything that shows hints of your nationality, race, or religion.

The point is to allow potential homeowners to create their perception of the house. Experts recommend staging styles that have simple yet classic looks without any distracting decor or colors. You might be the person who loves bright colors and has an eclectic taste in décor, but not everyone does. Because you’re looking to attract a broad audience, stick to something that most people are comfortable with.

  • Make The Rooms Appear Bright

Bright rooms are more appealing to most buyers, so ensure that there’s ample lighting. Ensure the curtains are pulled back, or the blinds are opened. Consider replacing bulbs and lampshades that look dated or clean the bulbs to remove dust so that they brighten the rooms. White light makes rooms appear more natural so have that in mind when buying your bulbs.

  • Less Is More

Even if you’ve deep cleaned the house and everything is sparkling, remove as many items as possible to make spaces look larger. Remove all personal photos from walls and surfaces, box them up, and take them out of the house. Avoid decluttering some spaces and cluttering others.

Homebuyers often look inside wardrobes and pull drawers, and there should be as little as possible so that the spaces can look roomy. Don’t fill drawers with magazines and personal documents or pile them on the coffee table. You may also be having a lot of furniture to fit your family, but there’s no need of having it all in the house for when showing. The lesser you have in the house, the more attractive it looks.

  • Keep Pathways Clear

When arranging the home, make sure to allow enough room around and between the furniture for unrestricted movement. This is crucial as it allows buyers to move freely and explore the house comfortably. It also makes the spaces feel and look bigger than they are. If during viewing the buyers are having a hard time moving about, it becomes very distracting, and they may fail to see the best features of the house.

  • Spruce Up Your Home

Enhance the curb appeal of your house right from the outside. The house’s exterior is the first thing that potential buyers see and can attract them inside or cause them to dismiss it. Look at a few things you can do to enhance that.

  • Clear and clean the walkways
  • Trim overgrown plants and plant new flowers
  • Clean your windows and power wash the house
  • Ensure that the house number is visible and easy to read
  • Put some welcoming outdoor furniture on the porch is the house has one
  • Upgrade the doormat


Staging a house is an essential step in creating an ‘ideal’ house that attracts the attention of potential buyers. However, the job doesn’t end there. After staging, ensure that you’re ready to show the house at all times. Staging doesn’t stop until the house sells. That means the house stays clean, with no wet towels on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink. There’s no magazine clutter on tables or dust accumulation.

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