The home interior is what can make your guest stand still for a minute, only if it is appealing and mesmerizing to view. Well, all zesty homemakers love to keep everything up-to-date, whether it’s an entrance mat placed in front of the main door or a central coffee table that resides in the living room.

Yes, each and every corner, even a coffee table, plays an important role in creating the final well-designed look of the home.

Indeed, the coffee table is one of the most important parts of the whole interior design that should be as per your need. For example, in the morning, holding a coffee mug, where do you go? Of course, in the lounge, put the mug on the table, turn the tv on, and enjoy sips! Right?

Here we will discuss the trends to follow while styling your coffee table.

But, before, you need to understand the shapes, size, and design of the coffee table (itself) that must suit your room. So, let’s check that first.

How To Choose & Where To Put The Best Coffee Table

The coffee table is undoubtedly the most-used furniture item for your living room. Unrefutably, it allows you to put plenty of things on it and forget the hassle to find them later.

But, wait a minute, have you chosen the coffee table and decided where to place it? If no, then you are in the right place. We know, selecting a coffee counter becomes the trickiest thing to decide. For this, keep a few suggestions in mind while buying a table:

  • Get a functional coffee table in which you can find a place to keep your stuff safe.
  • Get a Small Slab-like table to add retro design to your entire room look.
  • Table having a geometric shape is perfect for math fanatics.
  • The tables that can easily be folded according to the requirement

and many more.

The next important “thing to think” is to position the table for perfect decor. First of all, you should know the room dimensions and take table measurements. By doing so, you would be able to select the flawless and substantial-sized table for your family living room.

Also, it is advisable to put it in the middle of the room (if the room and table both are big), whereas for small areas, choose small tables and place them either in the middle or use it as a side table.

Pro-Tip: It would be best if you solve a questionnaire before finalizing the coffee table. Like: what size do you need? Does it match with the room theme? Or Is it helpful in managing things? Etc.

photo-1579216457381-09d061cb9660 How To Style Your Coffee Table & Make It Look Enthralling

We hope now you are well-versed with the things mentioned above, so its time to read some amazing styling tips for your central coffee table given below.

How To Style Your Coffee Table

Without a coffee table, the living room looks incomplete. Thus, we need it, and once we have it, the next most important thing to do is to make it enthralling. Now, check below various sophisticated ideas for your coffee table:

1.    Go Unique & Play With Shapes

The first look matters a lot, and let’s suppose that someone enters your living room, and says, “Wow,” this single word would pay you back all your hard work and bring a smile on your face. Isn’t it? Well, that’s true.

Indeed, it is counted as an achievement, and you can get this proud feeling only when you have a perfect coffee table placed in the room. For this, now you can find attractive coffee table styles that have different shapes. Some have asymmetric tabletops, and others have unique table stands.

2.    Embrace Funky Colors

People who love bright living rooms would definitely opt for vibrant-colored coffee tables. However, if you are more into a monochromatic color scheme, then simple yet plain white or black coffee table is everything you would desire for.

More to that, you can also go for random colorful objects for the central table to boost the praising element as well as you can keep colorful lamps to lit up your area. For instance, you can find some starry disco-colored lamps to place in the middle of the table whose light will dance on your ceiling.

3.    Place Fancy Coffee Table Trays

You might have heard the famous idiom, “the more you add jaggery, the sweeter it would become,” and that’s true. One of the ways to style a coffee table is to have an eye-catchy and fancy table tray for it.

Indeed, the tray, when placed in the center of the table counter, would certainly take your coffee table fashion to the next level. For this, you can find various table trays on multiple eCommerce websites, which may hold all your essentials by maintaining your table look.

4.    Books & Book Toppers To Inspire

The reading material can let your tabletop style talk to the sky. Hence, if you place your syllabus books or other relatable reading stuff on the table, then nobody would ask you to declutter the books because it has become a style now.

By doing so, you can show others how good bookworm you are. Furthermore, you can put some awe-striking book toppers on the book you were reading without thinking twice. Such as long beaded string chains, a Rubik’s cube, or anything of your choice is perfect. Surely, it is another chic interior design trend you would follow this year.

photo-1588946356689-901a3190ba9d How To Style Your Coffee Table & Make It Look Enthralling

Pro-Tip: Style up your lovely lounge table with a coffee table throw blanket that is actually chic.

5.    Style with Large Fascinating Knick-knacks

Another remarkable add-on for your coffee table is the great collection of different decoration pieces and knick-knacks. Of course, you wouldn’t keep your table empty and love to have the décor items that can make you or everybody mesmerized.

One of these lovely “glow-y” items would be storm glass that also predicts weather and keeps you updated with the weather forecast without checking the online app. Also, such big pretty items steal everyone’s attention.

6.    Sentimental Touch With Photos

Go high by adding some photos of your family or yours. For this, either, you can put your photo in the single frame, or get a photo frame tree to add multiple pictures. Also, you can insert photos into the table under the glass top.

By doing so, anyone who sits in front of the table (on the sofa) would definitely give at least one look to all the photos. So, we bet you wouldn’t regret this later.

7.    Flowers & Vases Are A Must

Someone said, “Blooms don’t let you go into the gloom.” Undeniably, different flowers not only make your day fresh with their fragrance but also add style to your entire home look. That’s why it is recommended to decorate your coffee table with colorful succulents.

For this, you can get exclusively designed vases to keep your flowers fresh by allowing them to float a bit in the water. Interestingly, you can also DIY the flower vase as per your aesthetic sense to get happy and aromatic vibes.

8.    Don’t Forget Rugs & Floor Cushions

Give stability to the coffee table and enhance it’s worth, and style by involving rugs and floor cushions in the room decor. Plus, keep in mind to place the table in the center of the room instead of the rug.

To emphasize, you can keep (one or two) floor cushions right in front of the table (in the symmetry or by topping up one over the other). With this, the table, rug, and cushions must go well with each other in design, style, or color.

Pro-Tip: You are allowed to opt for some contrasts for a more beguiling look.

9.    Balance Everything On Table

How would it look like if you place everything on either on the one side or just gather up everything in the mid on the table slab? Keep the answer in your heart because we know it, too. For this, we suggest, don’t take down your table style.

Make sure you have balanced your decoration pieces, tiny things, and books on it by organizing all of them to three sides (left, right, and the center). No doubt, when you see the table, “all set,” you would tap on your shoulder and say, “Well done!” The more well-organized it looks, the more it will represent your cleanliness.

photo-1559310278-18a9192d909f How To Style Your Coffee Table & Make It Look Enthralling

10. Decorative Boxes To Keep Mini Essentials

If you have minimalist things to keep in your most-used living room, then small decorative boxes are the best option. In such boxes, you can keep your pen, small diary, a nail cutter, or even your hair or other accessories.

Furthermore, you can make your own stylish box by wrapping an old case (or container) with a gift wrap, and decorate the top with beads, stars, or ribbon flowers.

11.Accent Stools To Match With Your Table

Everything you do to style up your favorite coffee table brings out the best outcomes, and a “hat’s off.” One more option that we have shared here is to add some accent stools that will work impeccably with your table style.

By doing so, you can include more sitting options in the living room that can be helpful in case of gatherings, or meet-ups. Not only this, but you can also use them to stretch your legs to give comfort to the body by half-laying on the sofa. Not a bad idea, though!

12.Opt For More Than One Table For Bigger Lounges

People who have bigger living rooms must have long sittings, which means they need at least two coffee tables for the specified area. Right? Absolutely. Therefore, it would be awesome if you bring two tables instead of one (small) coffee table.

Other than this, you can also have one large coffee table (which we don’t recommend) because it can spoil your whole interior look. Choose similar tables rather than selecting two different ones (to add maximum styles) as it will make your room look “over-decorative.”

Pro-Tip: You can also find coffee table alternatives to match up with your interior design.

Final Words

Finally! It’s a wrap! Here, you have read about all the possible ways to style your coffee table. The ingenious tricks and ideas we have shared would profoundly help you to get started by experimenting with different yet reasonable, contemporary, and lucrative designs.