If you want a piece of versatile furniture you can use indoors and outdoors, consider using rattan furniture. This furniture comes in trendy neutral colors and designed with clean lines, which you can easily incorporate into any home design without much fuss. Rattan garden furniture comes in a wide selection of tables, sofas, chairs, and other accessories.

The natural look of rattan makes it easy to use in any space. To drive the point home, here are some ways to style your garden with rattan furniture:

Check Out the Available Garden Space

To choose the perfect rattan furniture to grace your garden, determine its size and shape. Learn its exact length and width to help you choose the best garden furniture. Regardless of the shape or size of the garden, you’d want to leave a comfortable space around your furniture for you to walk around.

Knowing the size and shape of your garden will also help you maximize your space by choosing the appropriate furniture. If you have a small garden, try getting something that takes up less space, such as bar tables and stools. It’s a good thing if you have a large space as you’ll have plenty of choices.

Choose Good Quality

It’s important to remember that outdoor garden furniture should be chosen wisely to ensure that it can withstand changes in temperature, wear and tear, and the natural elements, like sun, wind, and rain.

Regardless of the style of rattan furniture you choose, find something that’s created with quality in mind.

Find the Perfect Spot

In styling your outdoor space, you’ll first want to check out the best place to set-up your garden furniture. Consider a place where your guests may want to sit and enjoy the view. It should be the best spot in your garden to look at the relaxing plants and flowers, or somewhere where you can see the lovely fountain or pond.

It’s amazing how effortless any rattan furniture can improve any garden. However, it’s best when you place it on the green grass. There’s nothing to worry about the furniture damaging your lawn as rattan furniture is lightweight, unlike other outdoor furniture materials.

Combine With a Modern Look

Being made of natural materials, rattan should look great in a beach or neutral themed outdoor space. To create a different look, try combining rattan furniture with other modern materials such, as metal.

The combination of comfortable rattan against cold metal should create a unique effect in your garden. As an additional tip, try an outdoor table with metal legs paired with rattan chairs.

Consider Comfort

In choosing rattan furniture for your garden, it’s important to factor in comfort. For a relaxing stay outdoors at the end of a tiring day, consider getting chaise lounges. You can also add a hammock or daybed into your outdoor space.

Don’t forget to add some pillows and cushions to your chairs to ensure comfort for yourself and the guests. Also, don’t forget to consider the fabric quality of your pillowcases. Find one that’s fade and mold resistant for your pillowcases’ longevity.

Finally, you’d want to try out the furniture before buying it. Sit or lay down on it to know about the comfort that it’s going to provide.

Enhance the Furniture

Since rattan furniture comes in neutral tones, like grey, light brown, ecru, and beige, it’s so easy to amp up its looks and make it more vibrant. Choose bright colored cushions to add to your furniture.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you may want to paint a piece of old rattan furniture with a new shade.

More Tips

Here are additional ideas to incorporate rattan furniture into your garden.

  • Create an outdoor living space. Make your garden feel just like home with a complete rattan furniture set including a table, couch, chairs, and an ottoman. Place potted plants nearby the furniture set to add to the relaxing living space in your garden.
  • Make a relaxing spot. Placing rattan furniture near flowers, a fountain, and rocks can easily turn your garden into a relaxing spot for yourself or your guests. Retreat to your garden after a long day at work and let your mind relax.
  • Use rattan planters. Using rattan planters by a plain wall will make this space more interesting. Matching rattan planters and rattan furniture with lush greens will make a relaxing outdoor space for you and your guests.
  • Consider adding lighting. Make your lighting stand out by using rattan lanterns coupled with your rattan garden furniture. Not only will this make your garden charming, but it’ll also add a hint of intimacy into your outdoor space.
  • Make entertaining handy. Keep a rattan table or cart to place your entertainment essentials at hand. This way, you can entertain guests easily without having to go back and forth to get your drinks or glasses.

Final Thoughts

Rattan furniture is a great addition to any outdoor space. Styling your garden with rattan furniture can easily turn a plain garden or outdoor space into a living or entertainment space for your family or visitors.

Choosing high-quality rattan furniture is key to ensure that your garden remains a beautiful space for relaxing.