Eco homes have soared in popularity over the past few years due to a growing interest in environmental issues across the globe. From eating less meat to taking careful consideration before flying, we are all changing our attitudes towards our carbon footprint – so why not reflect that at home, too? Eco homes do not have to cost a lot more than traditional housing and they often receive tax breaks from governments or can fund themselves through energy-saving techniques. Transforming your house into an environmentally friendly home will save you money, while saving the planet – here’s how.

Use Sustainable Materials

When people talk about utilising sustainable materials they are often referring to two things: how far the material had to travel to reach your home and whether it was sourced in an ethical manner. When you are deciding which materials to use in your home, don’t simply accept the cheapest material available; it is strongly advised to hire an architect who specialises in creating green homes and only uses sustainable materials. There are many benefits to using local materials, you will be investing in local companies rather than international ones and your home will be a product of the local area.

Recycled materials are also an option for anyone who wants to create an environmentally friendly house for their family. There is no limit to the creativity involved in searching for recyclable materials. Whether you purchase rolls of insulation made from biobased materials or you repurpose existing materials, using recycled materials throughout your home reduces waste and saves you money. There have been a variety of remarkable recycling projects across the globe and there is no reason why your eco-home can’t be one of them.


Insulation has already been mentioned in this article, it is one of the keystones of eco-homes because it prevents heat from leaving the home; directly reducing the amount of gas used by a household. There are dozens of ways you can insulate your home, including an investment in double glazed windows from Double Glazing Funding which will prevent heat from escaping through your windows.

Insulating your home will also be hugely beneficial for your wallet because approximately over 60% of household bills are for boilers – due to the cost of heating water and our homes in general. Therefore it is imperative that you maintain your boiler in addition to taking precautions to insulate your home.

Because it rises above cool air, precious heat also escapes predominantly through our roofs. Coating the inside of your roof with sustainable insulation could save you hundreds of pounds, while being a very inexpensive investment. The reason why eco homes are so popular is that they are not difficult to create, they just require a proactive attitude and some careful attention.

Create Green Spaces

Green spaces are unequivocal for their positive impact on the environment. Strong biophilic principles are not being regularly implemented into modern homes because they have an impact on the local scale, in addition to being beneficial for the plant. Of course, plants and trees are revered for the fact they can turn carbon dioxide into oxygen as they grow – reducing greenhouse gases dramatically. They also provide a porous environment that soaks water and reduces flash flooding in the local area – not to mention the benefits of green spaces on our mental health.

Don’t have any outdoor space? If you live in an apartment or small home, don’t worry. There are hundreds of innovative ways that you can create a green space. Rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular in big cities like London and New York. Vertical gardens also enable people without traditional gardens to grow fruit and vegetables throughout the year.

Energy Production

If every home could balance out its carbon footprint, our cities would be considerably less polluted. Amazingly, some eco homes have the ability to do this through producing energy. There are a variety of ways that homes can produce enough energy to sustain themselves; these methods are becoming more refined and effective every day thanks to a global investment in green energy creation. Whether you choose to produce energy through the sun, water or air, you will be positively contributing to the environment on a very impressive scale through your eco home.

Transforming your house into an eco home is an incredibly rewarding activity, it doesn’t require a lot of money, just a dedication to the environment and thoughtful planning.