Are you one of those who are highly fond of wooden furniture? While using wooden furniture has advantages like variety, low price, easy availability, durability, etc., it has certain disadvantages. The most common and apparent weaknesses are the minor scratches and nicks that wood tends to get over time.

However, we are here to tell you that they are not a problem anymore! Well, they might be a problem per se, but in terms of its solution, these minor nicks and scratches are not a problem now! With furniture touch-up markers, you can easily hide or cover these scratches and dents and save yourself a trip up to a technician or a carpenter.

We have mentioned below all vital information related to these markers and how to use them to hide the scratches and nicks your wooden furniture must have gotten over time.

What are Furniture Touchup Markers?

Furniture touchup markers are specialized markers made solely to cover nicks and minor scratches in one’s wooden furniture. They have thin or felt tips that apply an easy coating of wooden ink on the defective area. These markers are great for an easy and quick furniture fix. They might not be as effective as a professional touch, but they still offer a great alternative.

How to Use Furniture Touchup Markers?

Using furniture touchup markers is extremely easy. All you have to ensure is that you know how to use furniture touchup markers and have a firm hand grip. We have mentioned some tips for you which will help you make the most out of these amazing markers.

  • Ensure that the surface area you want to apply the marker on is dry. This is important as it ensures a smooth process of applying the wooden ink coat to the defective area.
  • Choose a marker that goes best with the color of your furniture. If you want a better touchup, select a slightly darker color than your furniture as it allows a better blend.
  • To ensure that the cavity or the scratch is filled, vertically move the marker on the area’s length with a gentle but firm motion.
  • After drying the first coat, put on a second layer if you think it is necessary.
  • Wait for a few minutes to ensure that the ink has dried. Avoid touching the surface with the applied coat without gloves. This is important as it is not easy to wash off on the first go.
  • Look at the surface under different light conditions to ensure that all surfaces are covered.

Benefits of Using Furniture Touch Up Markers

Talking about furniture touchup markers is incomplete if their benefits are not talked about. So, to tell you how important they are, we have mentioned some benefits of using them below.

  • Easy-to-Use

Furniture touchup markers are only complex in their name. However, they are extremely easy to use. Even a child can use them. These markers are gaining immense popularity and are used by various technicians and carpenters as well. They provide great finishing touches to any furniture and can make their dingy and old look go away in a matter of minutes.

  • Environmentally Friendly

One of the best things about these markers is that they are environmentally friendly. They do not cause any harm to the environment or members living in the family in terms of inhalation of harmful and toxic substances. However, you should be careful in using it and avoid using it except when necessary to prevent getting stains or unnecessary contact with them.

  • Easily Available

You can easily buy them in hardware stores or general convenience stores at many stations. However, you can only buy them online at various sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Target, etc. Because of their easy availability, they are used by millions of people who are looking for easy fixes rather than getting technicians or replacing furniture now and then.

  • Pocket Friendly

One of the best benefits you can get out of them is their price. If you are tired of burning a hole in your pocket by taking your furniture to the technicians every time there is something to fix, these markers are the perfect solution for you. You can quickly improve your nicks and cracks with these markers. In addition, they are cheap and can be bought both online and offline.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the many benefits of using furniture touchup markers. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also highly convenient. Moreover, they are not expensive and can give your furniture a great look! What else can one possibly want? If you have not purchased them already, contact your nearest shop and get yourself furniture touchup markers now! They will surely not disappoint you, and you can make the most out of it without burning a hole in your pocket!

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