It’s common for a lot of people to want to improve their homes’ designs. Their respective properties are probably the most expensive investments they’ve ever made in their lives, which is why they would pour out resources to improve their functionality and appeal. However, this task can be challenging, especially for homeowners who are on a shoestring budget.

If you see yourself in this kind of dilemma, don’t fret because wood pallets from reputable brands, such as, can help. Traditionally used to support and transport goods while being lifted by a pallet jack, jacking device, forklift, and erect crane, wooden pallets are now used in home designs for many purposes.

To help you get started, here’s how you can use pallets as part of your home design:

  1. Pallet Herb Garden Wall

Herbs are essential in many ways. Aside from giving various interesting flavors to your favorite dishes, herbs can also be used as natural dyes and perfume, as well as for pest control. And, while you can buy herbs from any local supermarket, do you know that you can easily plant and grow these on your own using pallets?

One way to use a pallet in your home design is to transform it into an herb garden wall. For this project, you just have to mount a full pallet on your backyard and place potting trays in between the slots. You can even paint the names of the herbs on the pallet for easy identification and aesthetic purposes.

Besides saving time and energy from buying herbs, a pallet herb garden wall will surely make your outdoor space more interesting and appealing!

  1. Pallet Bed Headboard

Your bedroom is one of the most important areas of your home because this is where you rest and replenish lost energy. How your bedroom looks can significantly affect your ability to rest, and, eventually, the condition of your overall health. If you’ve been using the same bedroom for years (or even decades), consider revamping the area by adding a pallet bed headboard.

For you to make a pallet bed headboard, simply source pallets and form a headboard. Depending on the size of your bed, you might need more than two pallets to make a headboard.

If you’re going for a rustic-chic theme for your bedroom, you can pressure wash the pallets before using them and retain their wood finish. But, if you want your pallet bed headboard to become more colorful, you can also paint it in different colors, apply a coat of clear varnish, and, then, hang some string lights on it.

  1. Pallet Bed Frame

A lot of homeowners want to achieve a monochromatic home design. As much as possible, these people would want to invest in pieces that are made from the same materials, or accessories that work together in order to create the same theme. If you plan to do the same for your home, pair your pallet bed headboard with a bed frame made from the same material.

Using wood pallets as a bed frame might be cheap, but this project can surely transform your bedroom. Aside from lifting your bed from the ground, a pallet bed frame allows you to customize your bedroom as you can use this area as an additional storage space. You can store some of your extra linens or pairs of shoes under your bed frame. You can also place some lights in these wood pallets to create a cozier environment in your bedroom.

For people who have been struggling to find a bed frame that suits the size of their mattresses, using wood pallets for this purpose can surely help. Since you’ll be making this one on your own, you’ll have the opportunity to decide how wide or tall the frame is. You can even allocate more space for your bed frame so you’ll have room to sit outside of your mattress.

  1. Pallet Entryway Ceiling

How your entryway looks and feels can speak volumes of your interior design. You’ll have a hard time convincing your guests that your home is well-decorated if your entryway looks bland or boring.

If you’re looking for ways to impress them even when they’re still outdoors, disassemble wooden pallets and attach the pieces to your exterior porch ceiling. This is a simple project that you should definitely try, especially if you’re going for a rustic or industrial interior design.

To add wooden pallets to your entryway ceiling, you’ll only need to take the lighting fixtures (if there are any attached) and nail down the boards. If you’re planning to make drastic changes, change your lighting to complement your wood pallet.

  1. Pallet Outdoor Table With Succulent Garden

Spending time outdoors is an excellent way to bond with friends and family. Basking in outdoor sceneries while munching on your favorite snacks will surely strengthen your relationship with friends and family. But, aside from these things, do you know that an outdoor pallet table with a succulent garden in the middle can make the experience better?

If you have an old or disused table laying around your home, upcycle it by using some wooden pallets. For this project, you just have to screw or nail wood pallets to the top of the table, and apply a clear coat for finishing touches. This is an easy project that can be done within hours.

But, if you want your table to be a little extra, don’t stop at adding a clear coat. You can take it up a notch by omitting the center pallet and replacing it with a two-inch high potting tray that’s filled with different types of succulents. The presence of these greeneries will add texture to your wooden tables, and can even become a good conversation starter when you’re bonding with friends and family!

  1. Pallet Radiator Cover

Radiators are common fixtures in homes, and these work by heating the air inside the room using convection. Radiators draw heat from steam or water, and, then, use that heat to warm up the surrounding air. This type of fixture is vital, especially to homeowners who live in colder areas.

And, while radiators are extremely useful in homes, not all homeowners appreciate how they look. Some homeowners think that the appearance and size of these radiators can adversely affect the interior design of their homes. If you’re one of them, consider hiding or concealing your radiators using wood pallets.

Using wood pallets is one of the simplest and cheapest ways of hiding radiators at home. To use wood pallets for this purpose, knock off one side of the board using a pry bar or hammer, and place it in front of your radiator.

Aside from effectively hiding the sight of radiators at home, you may also utilize this coverage to display some of your favorite decors.

  1. Pallet Kitchen Backsplash

Buying and installing a kitchen backsplash might be expensive, but this purchase is actually cost-effective in the long run. A kitchen backsplash can protect the wall behind your counters and sinks, make your kitchen look more stylish, and save you time and effort from cleaning. This investment can also prevent stains from building up, allowing you to enjoy a clean kitchen for the longest time possible.

Kitchen backsplashes can easily be purchased from most home depot stores today, but do you know that using wood pallets for this purpose can give you other benefits?  Aside from those mentioned, kitchen backsplashes made from wood pallets are cheaper and more unique.

If you’re excited to have backsplashes made from wood pallets in your kitchen, roll up your sleeves, start cutting the boards into 18-inch sections (measurements can vary depending on the size of your kitchen and the area you want to cover), and nail them around your kitchen stoves and sinks.

With this project, you can leave the wooden pallets as is to create a weathered effect, or you can seal the boards using latex or oil exterior stain to protect the material against moisture.

  1. Pallet Bookshelf

Bookshelves are one of the most common furniture found in many homes. A bookshelf is an essential piece, especially to homeowners who love to read or have kids. You can easily buy bookshelves for your home from any store today, but if you want to showcase your books in a more unique and creative way, try out making a bookshelf using wood pallets.

You can make a bookshelf by using at least four pieces of wood pallets. Depending on your preferences, you can stack the wood pallets together to create a four-layer bookshelf, or place the boards directly on your walls.

Regardless of how many books you’d like to store in this bookshelf, there’ll always be a project that suits your needs. You just need to be creative with your efforts, as well as carefully plan how you’re going to use these wood pallets!

  1. Pallet Living Room Sectional

The living room is one of the first areas your guests will see the moment they enter your home. How this area looks can affect the ambiance of your home and the ability of your family and guests to relax indoors. It’ll be challenging for anyone to sit back and unwind in a living room that’s full of clutter or doesn’t even have any seats.

Using wood pallets is an excellent way of revamping your living room. For this project, simply stack at least two pieces of wood pallets together to increase the height of your seats. You can also do the same for your center tables.

Aside from making your furniture more interesting, wood pallets can also improve the functionality of these pieces as the boards can double as storage spaces. You can place some of your favorite books and extra pillows underneath your seats!

  1. Pallet Coffee Table

Regardless of how you want your home to function, there’ll always be appliances that can help you realize that vision. Today, it’s now very easy for homeowners to buy different kinds of fixtures. Although accessible, these pieces are often expensive, making it challenging for an average homeowner to afford all of these.

If you want to make your living area more functional, but don’t have enough budget to buy new pieces, let wood pallets help. These pieces are very versatile, plus they allow you to create different items out of them, such as a pallet coffee table, for example.

Making a coffee table out of wood pallets is actually easy as you’ll only need a sheet of glass and some wheels. This project is functional as you can use this as a moving storage space, too.

  1. Pallet Swing

Seats are one of the most important features in every home. It’ll be challenging for you and any of your family members to enjoy your home if the space doesn’t have enough seats. How can your family and friends stay comfortable if they don’t have any place to sit?  Do you think they will actually love to stay in your home if this is the case?

If you’re looking for a creative way to provide seats to your friends and family, ditch sofas and couches, and turn wood pallets into swings instead. The latter option will surely excite your friends and family to spend more time in your home.

To transform wood pallets into swings, use a rope or chain to suspend the material in the air. You can also add pillows and cushions to the swing to add more comfort. A pallet swing is a great way of adding more seats to your home, as well as making your patio or porch more functional.


Choose Carefully 

You’ll never run out of options when using pallets as part of your home design—you’ll have too many to choose from that you might even see yourself clueless on what to do first!

For you to narrow down your options, don’t forget to consider the architecture of your home and the lifestyle of the people living in it. Ideally, the projects you’ll make with wooden pallets should improve the aesthetics of your home, as well as make life easier for the entire household.