Consumers rely on hotels for a place to relax, recharge and recover with personalized services designed to meet their needs. This is true for both leisure and business travelers who spend time in the hotel’s accommodations. That’s why hotels are investing more in delivering customized customer service experiences by upcycling reclaimed wood from post-industrial manufacturing processes to create an immersive sense of renewal that extends beyond the bedroom suite.

Traditional hotel design emphasizes form, function and a perfect fusion of form and function. That’s why wood furniture is one of the most popular materials available for hotel rooms worldwide. Designers, architects and engineers are creating hotels using wood furniture at higher price points than before. Expensive timber furniture has become a reality in some hotels around the world. Despite their cost, wooden elements help to evoke a sense of luxury with the ability to produce warmth and intimacy, helping guests to relax and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood in Hotels?

Reclaimed wood furniture creates a distinctive, upcycled-design aesthetic, and affords hotels the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors by leveraging the aesthetic value of creative reuse. This is an increasingly important aspect of hotel design in a world where consumers are seeking greater environmental protection for their purchases. Wood panels can be manufactured out of any species of hardwood – including pine, spruce and oak that has been well cared for in its original form before being discarded or used up. This gives the furniture a fresh, modern and contemporary look.

Using Reclaimed Wood in Hotel Rooms:

Reclaimed wood furniture is also an affordable solution to hotels seeking to furnish guestrooms at a lower price point. This allows them to differentiate themselves by meeting or exceeding guest expectations while keeping costs down. Reclaimed wood furniture can also be used in hotel lobbies and common spaces, making it a popular choice for hotel designers who put the needs of their guests first.

Reclaimed wooden elements are also a sustainable solution for hoteliers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact. The materials used to make the furniture can be recycled or reused at a later date and changed out for different wood species, which reduces the amount of waste created and material consumption by hotels.

Using Reclaimed Wood in Lounge Installations:

Despite the benefits of using reclaimed wood furniture, there are also several obstacles to overcome. The most obvious issue is finding enough furniture to meet demand, as demand increases and supply remains low. High-quality reclaimed wooden elements must be carefully selected to create a cohesive design and make sure that they match the aesthetic expectations of hotel guests.

The use of reclaimed wood furniture also requires extensive maintenance, even when using more natural species. The elements have to be sterilized and polished regularly to keep them in excellent condition. To ensure that this doesn’t create too much hassle for hotel staff and make it difficult for guests to enjoy their rooms, many hotels are choosing to use recycled wood instead of natural woods. This makes the process easier for hotel guests as well as hotel staff members who may want to change out the furniture.

Using Reclaimed Wood in Hotel Lobbies:

Hotels may also want to consider using more sustainable materials for their hotel lobbies, particularly luxury hotels that may be looking for additional ways to establish a distinctive brand identity. Reclaimed wood furniture is a great choice for hotel lobbies, as it can help create the desired atmosphere while maintaining the regional character of hotels. For example, utilizing reclaimed wood in Scandinavian hotels helps to maintain regional conventions and traditions that are important elements in the design of modern Scandinavian-inspired hotels.

Using Reclaimed Wood in Hotel Office Spaces:

In addition to using reclaimed wood furniture in guest rooms, hotels may want to consider using it in other areas of the hotel. This can include lobbies, common spaces and office spaces. With a stylish upcycled look and local flavor, this is an excellent way for hotels to make a lasting impression on guests and create a memorable experience. Typically, a jackhammer will be used to remove the raw material and rough cut it into pieces before turning it into reclaimed wood sets. However, if the wood is too large for this process, then a power saw may be used. Although this may take longer and require more materials than using the jackhammer, using this method saves on time. The extra material from the saw can then be used in another area of the hotel if needed.


A common misconception about using reclaimed wood in hotels is that it should be strictly used as an upcycled retro decor. Although this is an acceptable practice, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of the overall look of the hotel. It is also important to note that the reclaimed wood furniture can be completely fit for purpose and still embody a strong environmental ethic. This allows hotels to furnish their properties with a unique style that meets the demands of today’s travelers while helping them to minimize their impact on the environment.

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